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1 Corinthians 3:17

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Best Mother's Day

In our family, Mother's Day is more a weekend-long event rather than just one day. And why not? Mothers work really hard! This morning I woke up bright and early with a big smile on my face, reflecting on the joys and blessings in my life.

And then I had myself a little moment. I think I was just feeling overly emotional because this adoption hasn't been going the way I'd thought it would, and I just got so upset. I kept telling myself to snap out of it and put on a happy face for everyone, but that only made me cry harder. (Plus, after being brave and asking to have my haircut fixed yesterday and thinking it looked really cute when she finished only to find this morning that when I tried to do it, it is three or four inches shorter in the back than what I'd thought, and with the humidity and rain it simply wasn't going to obey me anyway. Then everything I tried on looked and felt awful. It was pretty bad.) So needless to say, we were a little tardy for church this morning, and that dark little voice inside me was egging me on to throw my hands up in desperation and simply not go. Then the enemy would have won and it was only 7:55 AM, people! I would have missed out for sure! And what kind of message would I have been sending to my children? It was a wonderful service and we had a great time.
I never remember to get a picture after church but before the kids change into play clothes. And no, it isn't like to happen before church!

And I've been pampered with glorious foot rubs, back scratches, homemade waffles, beautiful cards, my favorite candy (peanut M&Ms and a Peppermint Patty!!!), quiet time to read and sew, and long, leisurely walks all day long! Right now on my counter there are a dozen sheets of pasta that Bill made, which will become homemade Seafood Scampi for dinner. Now that's love!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! And to all the wonderful mothers in my life and in our family, enjoy your special day! Please know that I'm still praying for those of you who ache to be mothers or who have endured the loss of a child. God sees you and loves you and wants to give you more than you can even imagine!

I was just about Isabelle's age in this picture with my beautiful Mom. In our matching dresses of course!  =)

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Sennie said...

Glad you had a wonderful weekend (in spite of hair! - it looks lovely in the photo!). I LOVE the photo of you and your mom<3 I see Caleb, definitely:)

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