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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Monday

Howdy! The humidity has finally broken here in central NH, which feels absolutely heavenly. Plus my hair now no longer requires its own zip code...yikes! Had me some big hair this past week! The new cut has some layers that are just too short between the curls and the humidity, and the only way they go is up. And out. Oh good golly, it needs some help! Time to investigate headbands. Or full-head wraps, or something.

Gorgeous girl. I am continually amazed and grateful that God chose us to be her family.

I heard about more tornadoes in Oklahoma while driving the kiddos to school this morning. Those poor, poor people. On a {much} lighter note, Jars of Clay's Flood came on and I couldn't help but chuckle at the memory of Caleb's version... "slowly I become wonderful mud (one with the mud)..."  HaHaHa  That little stinker was the cutest.little.boy.ever!!! He is so itchy and uncomfortable with his broken leg and cast, but thankfully the pain has decreased considerably. I didn't mention it last week, but they couldn't put on the "real" cast because he had what they call fracture blisters -- I'd never heard of them, and boy oh boy, are they AWFUL! Ginormous discolored blisters, bigger than golf balls, all up and down the sides of his leg and around his ankle -- it was shocking to say the least! I can't even imagine what that must feel like. Poor baby. So tomorrow we go in and try again. Of course, this makes me miss out on Isabelle's class field trip to the farm. Sad sad sad. There needs to be eight of me sometimes!

Jonah was the sickie today, and I say that word pretty darn loosely, if you catch my drift. I think he just needed a quiet day. I don't have a problem with that, unless it were to become an issue, but it hasn't. He read on the couch while I did a major house clean. It's funny, at certain times in the year, I am so organized and on top of things, and then...well...there are those other times. The house - and Jonah- got a little extra attention today and now we're all much happier!

Isabelle is obsessed with writing, list-making in particular. Yup, that's my girl all right! I must say I think it's the more adorable thing in the world. Tonight she wrote out a summer to-do list while I chopped up fruit for tomorrow's snacks. We always make a big Summer List, but this year I think I might write down some activities on slips of paper and have kids draw them. I'm not sure if the planner in me will be able to tolerate that long-term, but it sure does sound like fun, for a couple weeks anyway.

Take a look at this pitiful thing! The boys gave Ryder a shower/bath tonight after dinner, which he tolerates but certainly does not enjoy, and afterwards he squishes his whole chest and chin on the floor and sliiiiides his little old self across the carpet. He literally goes from room to room, just sliding completely flat on the floor. And apparently, bathing is hard work...check out the massive panting. Funniest thing to watch -- I haven't laughed that hard in a while! Oh Ryder, you crazy thing you!

We had a little birthday celebration for my main squeeze over the weekend, and I've got some recipes to share! Soooooo good! Right after the party, the sky turned black, and we were all just basically hoping a storm would cool things off (it didn't), but it sure produced a few of those heart-jumps-in-your-throat-and-sucks-the-air-straight-out-of-your-lungs claps of thunder. Ethan had just reminded me of the time when Isabelle burst out crying after a loud thunder boom a few years ago, and as if on cue, BOOM! Poor Isabelle, scared the cute little pleated shorts right off her! That thunder was so SO loud!

So that's it for today. Exciting, I'm sure. I will share those recipes later this week, and for that, you will be really, really glad.  =)
Here are some of our previous lists//

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Kris said...

I like your idea of having the kids draw an activity out of a jar...spontaneous and exciting!
Have a great week!! :)

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