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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Interview With a Kindergarten Graduate

It's a quiet week here, relatively speaking anyway -- Ethan and Jonah are off at camp. Sometimes I don't even know what to do with myself! For reals! Two kids seems like nothing, ha! Less food to cook, less stuff to take care of and clean, less bickering...well, I guess the less stops right there.  ;)

Right before school ended, I thought it might be fun to have a little interview with my big kindergarten girl after she "graduated." Since I don't have the typical firsts with her, I think this will be a precious keepsake one day to look back on. And it's uniquely hers, as I didn't do this with the boys.
She's a clever one, that Miss Sassy Pants, ha!

Me: What was your favorite thing to do in school this year?
I: Go to the farm. And petting the pony. And the baby piglets, they were cute too.

Me: What about in church?
I: Um, learning to respect God.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
I: A pony rider girl. (Let's note here that we are reading Magic Pony from the library.)

Me: Who do you think you'll marry?
I: Nolan

Me: Oh (surprised), and where do you want to live?
I: Guatemala

Me: That's great, but that's awfully far away.
I: Aren't you going to be living with me?

Me: How many children will you have?
I: 3; I hope some are girls, well, one boy is okay, or, I hope they're all girls... I will be a fun Mom, funner than you, except when you let me watch TV, then you're fun. And you're usually nice. And I will drive my kids in a van with a screen thing, I mean a TV, but only when we go to far places. Because I'm fun. (What!?!)

Me: What does Mommy do while you're at school?
I: Sew. And paint. (Nailed it!)

Me: What about Daddy?
I: Daddy types stuff on computers. And calls us.

Me: What do you think about having lots of big brothers?
I: (brows furrowed, thinking hard) Good.

Me: Good? (looking for clarification)
I: Yes, because sometimes they're nice.

Me: Those are some pretty interesting answers...
I: Well, I am very interesting you know. (ha ha ha)

Me: Okay, last question - what's your favorite song?
I: Already belting it out...This Little Light of Mine.

This made me laugh so hard! She is so smart and funny, and I'm so blessed to be her Mama.

Tomorrow is my big All-Day Date with...CALEB!

ps. I would love it if you kept our cousin Josh and his sweet family in your prayers this week - he has battled brain cancer for nearly 3 years and is about to meet Jesus. Please keep his wife and young children in your prayers as they grieve and mourn this tremendous loss. Thank you very much!


Courtney said...

Praying for your family. What an adorable interview. I was thinking about doing a beginning of the year and end of the year interview with my nephew Logan to put in his scrapbook.

Savannah Donahue said...

Isabelle is so cute! I love reading your blog!

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