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1 Corinthians 3:17

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Week We Lived In The Water

We New Englanders aren't generally wimpy about too many things, but you give us near 100 degree temps with humidity thick as sludge for a week straight, and that wimp will surface! This heat is about to do me in, and I've got several very pregnant friends (who probably don't complain about it as much as I do), so yeah, wimpy, ha!

So we pretty much lived in the water this whole week. And it was WONDERFUL! Lakes with views, lakes with friends, lakes with cute little ducks, pool time after dinner every night, and the blissfully cool Atlantic Ocean on the hottest day yet. Our absolute favorite day was with my Mom - I will remember that day with a smile for the rest of my life.

Jonah, aka the next Jeff Corwin  =)

Oh yes, there is plenty of this in our home too. Boys, ha!  ;/

98% of the time, this is Caleb wherever there's water.

Snack Shop treats at Wellington State Park

Future little engineer or architect right here!

Yesterday was such a great day! All day at Hampton Beach, with about 8 million other sweating people!, then a quiet ride home thanks to the wonder that is watching a movie in the car. Bill got home shortly after us and I ran out to mail some nightgowns and even fit in a quick birthday shopping trip for my almost 14-year old. Please don't make me say that again, ugh. Then we squeezed in a little more shopping at the outlet stores on our way to the resort for our family pizza pool party. As we drove home lightning started blazing through the clouds but all remained rather quiet. For a while anyway.

We discovered Luke was MIA at some point in the evening, and once Sneakers heard us outside calling him, Sneaks began pacing from door to window, back to door, etc, meowing and prowling something awful- it is equally sweet and disturbing the bond those two share, ha! He was beside himself without his little orange sidekick!

Then the storm hit. Ugh. Not only was it literally 86 degrees upstairs, but then I was too worried about Lukey to sleep. I thought for sure everyone was going to wake up in panic at the sound of those booms, but only Isabelle did, so we plopped her stuff on our floor and let her sleep in our room, and I finally fell asleep around 3, hallelujah! And then promptly awoke to the pitiful cries of Luke at 4:17. So yeah, I'm almost a zombie about now. But Lukey is inside and safe!

Sneakers, however, has gone from worried to ticked off, and is presently giving his sidekick the silent treatment, ha!
 This is one of my all-time favorites of little Luke, that naughty little orange rebel.
 And this one, eek!

Oh well. Nothing a good breakfast and strong coffee can't cure. For a little while anyway.  :)

As good things are often accompanied by not-so-good things, this week has been no exception. Bill's cousin, Josh, lost his battle with brain cancer this past Sunday, leaving behind a young wife and three very small children. My heart is just broken for her. She is a strong Christian, and her testimony through all of this amazes me. While we are rejoicing that Josh is fully healed and restored in heaven, there is still much sadness and grief here. There have been many times this week, and over the past couple of years, where that lump rises in my throat and tears pool as I ponder those heavier topics, like death and mourning and loss. Here at home, driving to the beach, sitting by the lake watching my children play- everywhere. It reminds me to savor life. To drink in beauty and celebrate little things and love with abandon. And to let go, to free my mind and heart of things that don't matter, of things that hold me back and don't honor God. Every day truly is a gift like none other.


Theresa said...

Oh my gosh! This heat has pushed us all to our breaking point. Even our poor puppy only wants to sleep right next to the one air conditioner in our house!! We haven't gotten a drop of rain to break it up. Yuck is the only word!

I'm so sorry about your loss. It's so difficult to deal with losing a loved one and losing them young is so much worse. My heart aches for you and his whole family. I think you did a beautiful job at the end of this post speaking about appreciating our family, the small things and the everyday moments. We've got this one life; it's so important to sit back and realize how amazing it really is even in the seemingly mundane every day events.

Here's hoping tonight brings the cool weather the way they say it's supposed to!

Ryan V. said...

Love seeing all your pictures of your summer family outings! Hope Caleb's leg is healing up ok. When do they start back to school? Can't believe it's just around the corner! Oh, and I did try the peanut butter cream cheese pie with oreo crust (forgot what you called it). SO yummy!!

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