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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Firsts and Changes...Take a Deep Breath

I feel like this should be my mantra these days. Inhale, exhale. Deep breath. So much change, so many firsts. I adore the excitement surrounding Back to School, but it is always an adjustment. And usually it ends up kicking my rear big time. I'm sure this year will be no exception with all four kiddos once again attending four different schools (at least Caleb's and Isabelle's are in the same campus!). This morning went very smoothly, but Jonah doesn't start until tomorrow, so we'll see how the "real thing" goes. I have made a life or death oath to myself to pack as much of the lunchboxes as I'm able to the night before. I believe this will save me from a long, torturous demise over the long haul. Don't think I'm kidding.  =)  What ever will I do when my counter no longer looks like a little assembly line of lunch boxes and sacks and water bottles?

Entire outfits are arranged neatly in their storage hanger-things in every closet except Ethan's. (I suppose a high school freshman does not need his clothes to be laid out for him each morning. Hey, whatev. ha ha Not a great deal of effort in t-shirts and shorts anyway...) This makes me downright giddy. It's right up there with perfectly sharpened pencils and white socks straight out of the package. Once a teacher, always a teacher I guess.  :)  Homemade waffles-- the good ones with whipped egg whites added to the batter-- is a long-standing tradition in our family. My mother always made them for my brother and me on the first day of school, and I love making them for my children. Imagine if generations from now, my great- great grandchildren are making waffles for their children on this day, all because of what my Mom and I started. That's a really neat thought!

Jonah and I enjoyed a little trek through the woods our local Audubon Society after getting the other three off to school. It was pretty hot and sticky, so we were sweating buckets by the end! Jonah wanted to go see the birds of prey and the owls on display there, so we left poor Ryder in the car for a couple minutes and he howled and howled the entire time. He has such a weird cry/howl/yawning kind of squeal-bark...silly dog. One of the owls acts like it talks to you, looking you right in the eyes, blinking slowly and making this strange-but-adorable clicking sound with its beak. It's so cute I can hardly stand it! Jonah loves animals, and I wonder if he'll be like Jeff Corwin and travel the world to study them. I hope he'll take me with him sometimes. Especially if he goes to Africa. I've wanted to see safari animals in the wild for as long as I can remember.  :)

This past Friday, we loaded up a car full of Ethan's friends to celebrate his 14th birthday up at the resort (we had family over on his actual birthday the week before). It was so much fun! I think they all had a great time, and they were extremely entertaining to watch, and listen to. 14 year old boys are crazy fun! On Sunday, Ethan and I left church early because we weren't feeling well, and I ended up making a huge feast for dinner. I haven't had that much fun in my kitchen for quite a while! I made more delicious rolls -- I'll have to share the recipe. They are so, so good!

Now it's getting late and I'm really tired! Snacks and much-of-lunch are ready to go, outfits have been chosen, kids were cleaned and now sleeping soundly, so I think I'm ready to hit the hay. Good night!

Oh yes, I'm so sorry...I forgot about the giveaway yesterday. Nicole-Lynn, you are the lucky one! I will email you tomorrow. Congratulations!!

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