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Friday, August 9, 2013

instafriday fun

Linking up with Instafriday at Life Rearranged. I'm BETHANYS_LOVES on Instagram if you want to find me. Hope you've had a fantastic week! Ours was a whirlwind between birthdays and concerts and camping and sewing and mini-golf and...

SoulFest 2013

I think this is my new favorite picture of Ethan and me  :)
He was just 13 then. Sigh.

waiting waiting waiting for...
SKILLET! Wow! Now I get it when people said they hoped nothing got blown up, burnt up, or otherwise exploded to bits, ha!
Caleb and Isabelle were camping with my parents, we'd had to arrange "doggie care" for Ryder (Bill's parents and neighbors to the rescue!) because we knew it was going to be a loong day- we didn't get home until midnight! That's not a typical thing for us.  :)

Pweease Mummy!

Late-night Birthday Cannolis with the Birthday Boy.
I suppose you can do that sort of thing with a 14 year old.
Although we were watching his new 5-season collection of 'The A-Team' - I must really love him! There are a couple more pictures in this post.

Mini Mama.  =) 

Ethan met up with friends at the one and only amusement place we have here in town (so sad!), so I let the remaining three choose a little something to do. What a surprise when WE saw our good friends there!
Isabelle Kate squealed with joy as did about a million and a half backwards flips on this jumpy thing. Go Isabelle!

Vroom.  =)

 Finishing up some special's so nice to think apples and autumn! Almost!  ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm looking forward to another bbq with friends, finishing up some Back to School fashions for my littlest scholar, and spending more time at the lake. This has been such a great summer...I'm going to be sad to say goodbye!
life rearranged

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