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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Updating The Master Bedroom In Our "New" House

I realize that I've never documented the changes we've made in most of our rooms here because nothing feels 100% done- there are lots of little things I'd like to do, but that all takes away from our adoption fund. Speaking of adoption, I thought I was going to have a very big announcement to make this hurts so much, but even with the pain, I can feel God's peace and presence, and I will trust Him. You can read more about our adoption plan HERE.

I'm not sure what it is, but I get somewhat paralyzed when it comes to deciding on things for the master bedroom, so the walls are still rather bare and the bedding is on its 3rd or 4th year of being a temporary stand-in. All in all, though, I think things look a little better in here. :)

But first, here's what the master bedroom looked like the very first time we walked through the house...

Three of the walls were neutral enough, but shiny paint in bedrooms sets a panic in my heart, so I knew they would not be exempt from the paint-overhaul. The fourth wall (and matching heaters!!!) were a slimy shade of pink. Not very inviting. 

I did a terrible job documenting the "befores" because we were literally painting every single surface with any and all free time we could scrounge up, with the early morning sun after dropping kids off at school and by lonely little lamps scattered about in the late evenings.

I did have lots of adorable helpers, though!
It was a lovely surprise to find out the seller had left their bedroom furniture and all of their bedding for us. A case of miscommunication we think...thanks, but no thanks. As if all the other work wasn't daunting enough without having to contend with additional {extremely heavy} furniture we didn't want, ha!

I think Ryder's disgruntled face says it all here. That's how I was feeling, too!

It's a good size room (though I sure do miss having a master bathroom!!!) with a smaller closet than I'm used to, but you know what? I have really gotten used to the space now, and it feels welcoming and calm. Now to just decide on bedding...

Here is how the master bedroom looks today...
The proof is in the paw print, oops! The little sneak- I didn't even notice him (or apparently the wrinkles, ha!) jump up there during my little photo shoot!

 (that heater you see above...was pink pink pink- it looked awful!)

In the wintertime, when we moved in, this room gets absolutely no direct sunlight. :(  So I've been soaking up every glorious minute of it this spring and summer! I also like how the light and dark colors complement each other in this room.

It's challenging to capture the correct hue of the wall color - it's a pale blue/grey, and while I adore it, it doesn't seem to play very nicely with the creamier trim/door paint. It brings out a yellow tone, and I think it makes it look dingy. I may need to re-do the doors and trim in a whiter white.

We'll also be installing new door knobs, but I cannot decide on dark or brushed nickel. Also, those closet doors drove me batty for the first several months, but now they just don't seem like that big a deal. We do have a closet system (in a box) gathering dust in the basement, so that will be a nice change when we install it.
We also replaced all of the beige switch plates and outlets/covers with white ones, and my mister installed a more modern thermostat. I think I'll put something to the right of the closet for scarves and such. Or maybe a sconce or picture. Ugh, see what I mean? Paralysis!!!

I made the paisley print pillowcases a couple of years ago, and they seem right at home here.

I was super excited about this linen pillow and the white eyelet pillow (the blurry one you see in the above pic) while I was amking them, but I think I'm slightly underwhelmed with them now. They also serve as a great reminder of why I cannot entertain the idea of an all-white bedroom with cats. They collect the stray hairs like an icky fuzzy magnet!

Pretty details, though.  =)

I'm not in love with the two prints on the wall. And I miss having something on the wall above the bed, like in our other house.

Warning: close-ups, dark furniture, a whole day since I dusted - you do the math.  =)
My greatest treasures in the world smiling back at me!
The crystal fruit bowl actually became a home to my chunkier jewelry because I haven't yet put up a cute little wall hanging that has hooks beside the dresser, so...since the bowl had no real home in the kitchen at the moment, it moved upstairs. At first I really disliked it, but it has grown on me. And it super convenient!

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!

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Courtney said...

The improvements look great. I love the little nook where you have your dresser.

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