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Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Cinderella

Off to the ball, kind of. A party at her little friend's house.  ;)
I probably have a million and a half pictures, and I love them all. Every single one of them! So I'm sharing lots.

Over the past several weeks, Isabelle Kate has wanted to be a cowgirl, a cat, a leopard, a horse-ridin' girl (but not a cowgirl, because I asked), back to a cat, a ballerina, but oddly enough she didn't beg to be a princess like she usually does. I started to panic a bit, since I'd been planning on making her Cinderella's dress for months now. She loves Cinderella, and I was hoping she would love the surprise...she did!

Last minute, I decided to go with buttons instead of a zipper for the gown. I think they look sweet, but they are kind of a pain, ha! At first they were too "loopy," so I had to tighten them with a few stitches in place. That did the trick, though now they're not nearly as easy to manage, especially when my fingers are cold and uncooperative.  =)  I also added a hook and eye below the buttons since we had a slight wardrobe malfunction of sorts and needed to keep the fabric pulled together. It worked beautifully!

I goofed and forgot the choker, so some of the pictures have it and some don't. Darn it! She wasn't too thrilled about heading out to the cold for another photo session, but I think we did okay.  :)

Isabelle twirled and twirled and giggled and squealed with delight (the first time around anyway, ha), and I think I felt like the happiest Mommy in the whole world!

I was also relieved because this was the one dress I didn't have her try on before I put it all together, and it fits like a dream. Phew!

Here is Isabelle's Trick-or-Treat goodie bag. Such sweet memories looking at it. I made one for each of the boys when they were little, and then after so long, I finally had my sweet girl to make one for. It really is the simple things that bring so much joy.  =)

I have to write this down so I don't ever, ever forget. Tonight we cuddled in her bed for a little while, and then it was time to say prayers. Here's what she said:

Dear Heavenly Fah-der, 'cuz that's what my Sunday School teacher says, thank you for giving me my Mommy to make me pretty Cinderella dresses, so that I can look extra pretty...and for my friends, even the ones I don't really like...and for all the candy at the pow-ty (party), even though I didn't bring any home because I already ate it all...and for my glowy-dark light thingy...aaaand my dress {insert long yawn here}...and that Mommy didn't get super mad because someone ripped my new dress. Amen.


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Jenny said...

What a beautiful princess!!!!

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