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Friday, October 18, 2013


Right now, as I type this, the colored leaves are scurrying about the yard, being blown back and forth like bright autumn snowflakes. This is it. Once these slip from the branches, everything will be bare. I adore Fall, but this part just seems kind of sad. I don't feel ready for it yet, like another season of life just whipping past at its merciless pace. And I'm trying desperately to just hold on.

Ethan continues to recover, though the concussion isn't as minor as we had so naively thought. I don't like that he isn't well, but I do enjoy having him all to myself every day. He may be able to go back to school for 1-2 classes beginning Monday, and we'll see that goes. Soccer is done. For a long while. That has been hard. We tried to take a walk yesterday but didn't make it very far. Thank you so, so much to each and every one of you who prayed for our family!

Last night was Caleb's school's Annual Harvest Fest. There was some slight darting back and forth between Jonah's soccer scrimmage and Isabelle's gymnastics, but we made it. Ethan ate dinner with Bill's parents, Jonah left his game with Mimi for a sleep-over last night, so it was just the youngest two with us for a change. Harvest Fest is fun and all, but...A. I dislike crowds (like, seriously dislike crowds); B. After the 6th year, you sort of get that "been there, done that" feeling; C. Hmm, nothing. For some odd reason, A and B seem like enough.

And mostly I ache for this baby in my heart that we have yet to find. I never thought it would take this long, and some days I can keep busy and not dwell on it. But other days, like today, the ache gets a little bigger and my arms feel especially empty. If you're visiting from Kelly's Korner, Hello!, and you can read THIS if you want to catch up to speed a little bit. While adoption is miraculous and beautiful and life-changing, it can be so, so hard. I wrote a post HERE about that.

However...while we wait, I sew sew sew. (My Etsy shop is our primary fund-raising effort to pay for this second adoption.) I have been super busy and have added some Christmas pajamas to the collection! I love them! I hope you do, too. I will make a link to my facebook page and my Etsy shop below- I would love it if you became a fan of either, or both! I'll be posting about a sale soon on the facebook page....  ;)

Have a great weekend!

Rose & Ruffle on Etsy

Here is a sampling of some winter & Christmas items for sale.
I love sibling sets, so email me or contact me through the shop or facebook and we'll talk details.  =) 

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Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Your new shop items are looking great!! I made a little treasury for you- I hope it gets you some sales!! :)

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