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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Isabelle's School Thanksgiving Party & the Terrible Afternoon

I still cannot believe that this is Thanksgiving week! I still have some beach things in the trunk of the car that haven't been put away yet...which, if you know me in real life, gasps can be heard for miles and miles. ha! Maybe my sense of time is slightly askew because I've been working like cuh-razy to complete custom orders (THANK YOU!), and of course it doesn't help that today- a Tuesday- totally feels like Friday because of the few days off. Not that I'm complaining one little bit about that! It was kind of nice to have an early Friday.

And we awoke to sparkly snow! Not nearly as much as in other parts of the country, but it covered the deck and driveway! That was an exciting start (or end?) to the week!

This morning I got to spend a couple hours with Isabelle Kate's class helping out for their Thanksgiving party. I was in charge of Thanksgiving BINGO.  Rocked it. ;) Though my mind was mush all afternoon because I used up all my energy with those darling little cherubs this morning, and now I'm sitting here all twitchy and agitated because of the sad state of our home. I just can't seem to catch up with anything these days! And if by chance I do catch up, I blink and then suddenly I'm thrust right back where I started from...or even further back! Ouch!

There's something about colored pencils that speaks to me and makes me happy. They're so cheerful!

 Can you tell how glazed over her eyes are here? More sugar, anyone?

After school today was just a regular delight. As in, it really wasn't- it was the pits! Everybody was just in A Mood. I wanted to crawl under the covers and hide. But they always find me, so I didn't even bother to mess up my bed. Times like that always make me feel like such a failure as a Mom.

This was poor Isabelle last week and into the weekend- I found this vision after having been upstairs for a few minutes, probably changing sheets or something fun like that. She was sound asleep in her little cocoon! Look, even Ariel is tucked in, ha! Anyhoo, if I could fit in there, that's where I'd have been this afternoon!

Like most everyone else, I've got a super busy day of prepping, cooking, and cleaning for tomorrow. I think I'll just crank up the Christmas music and tackle that looooong list head-on! The smallish people around here had best just stay out of my way if they know what's good for them. Unless of course they're actually being nice!  =)

ps- If anyone is interested in seeing some of Isabelle's Christmas outfits I'm making, I'll be posting them on instagram here. Apparently my identity crisis lives on because I keep changing my username, but this week, it's roseruffleco. ha ha

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