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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Caleb's Winter Pool Party

It's nice to break from traditional winter-themed parties once in a while, and that's what Caleb had wanted to do. So a Winter Pool Party it was! We headed up to our timeshare for a fun afternoon.
I think he had so much fun at Jonah's pool party earlier in March that he wanted to have one of his own. =)

Food was super simple: cupcakes, left over lollipops from school, and some snacks and drinks. I think we brought pretzels, chips, Capri Suns and some Coke. Easy!

The main area is decorated so nicely at Christmastime!

Heading upstairs...

Can't get enough of this view.
It's spectacular in winter and even more amazing in summer & fall with all the colors .

 There are pool tables, ping pong tables and X-Box games upstairs. So of course that's where they all congregate to within seconds of arriving. Boys. ;)

This pool area has slides and islands to jump from, but it's generally crowded with little kids. So we headed to another pool that is much deeper and much less crowded. Aren't those trees indoors so neat?

All my pool pictures are basically one giant blur, so I'll spare you. This one isn't too bad, ha!

Everyone had lots of fun, which is all you can ask for.
I know Caleb loved his pool party because he has thanked us approximately 834 times since yesterday. He is such a grateful guy, and that makes it even more fun to make things special for him because I know he really appreciates it.

I wonder what we'll be doing next year to celebrate!

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