Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Everyday Ramblings

I know, I know. When am I not rambling?

I just thought I'd pop in with our little happenings from the week. Quite possibly snoresville to anyone but me, but that's all right.

Do you know what's really kind of neat? Finding out fun/funny stuff about your parents that you never, ever knew. For example, just found out that my Dad belonged to not one but two bowling leagues in his glory days. And he didn't know what "bumper bowling" was...until he decided to take the boys bowling and had such a horrible score that they talked him into the bumpers for the second string. HA! Even funnier? His score didn't improve that much. Now that just makes me chuckle.  =)

'So Dad,' I innocently ask. 'Were you any good back then?'

And he laughs loudly, grins from ear to ear, and answers, "Nah, never was much good at it. But I owned a spiffy pair of bowling shoes!"

If you didn't just giggle a little, then there might not be any hope for you, because that was pretty funny.

Oh, and the girls had a date all our own during the Man-Bowl. We had an in-house beauty parlor party, complete with Little House on the Prairie and hot cocoa. In the family room. Living.On.The.Edge over here, let me tell you.

Moving on.

It has been so, so cold here this week, but oddly, the snow seems to be disappearing. It doesn't look much like it did on this stormy morning over the weekend.

 I love this sweet summer nightgown! It's listed here in my shop.
(There are some other ones listed, too, and some new items coming soon!)

I made a new header for my shop's Facebook page...what do you think?
Sweet Pea may be smiling here, but she and I had a rough afternoon/evening today. Whew.
There is a whole lotta fire in that cute little face.  ;)

You can see my facebook page here if you'd like.

I should have a post about my sewing area and our home office soon, and a little something we're finally finishing up in the kitchen! Have a great weekend if I don't "see you" before then!!!

Oh! I totally forgot something... the other day I discovered a terrible and offensive ad here on the blog and I was fuming MAD because I have blocked several types of ads as well as specific urls. The mister and I finally figured out how it was happening, since it had to bypass the blocks I have in place, and hopefully got rid of the awful ad. It's all very discouraging and I hope it doesn't happen ever again. Please know how terrible I felt about the whole thing- I'm sorry to anyone who had to see something like that on my blog.

Our world is so broken - as am I! - but I serve a perfect, patient and loving God, and good will prevail. But I have to admit that I get so discouraged by this particular issue, especially being a mother to young, impressionable boys - anyone else? I can't be alone in this, I'm sure, so how do you handle your discouragement/disappointment? 

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