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Monday, January 27, 2014

Time Management. (And a First!)

Yeah, I don't have any lately. That's my problem.  =)

Since this blog is mainly my online journal, I didn't want the day to get ahead of me without commemorating its significance. It's kind of a big day for us.

Today marks my first official day as a Homeschooling parent.

Wait a sec.

Today marks my First Official Day as a Homeschooling Parent!!!!!

You know how sometimes what you're saying doesn't actually sink in until you hear yourself say it? Yeah, same here.

I'm hopeful, excited, a little nervous, and eager to learn along the way. Poor/Lucky (however one might describe it) Ethan is the first guinea pig student, and Jonah will follow suit soon. We are still deciding what is best for Caleb and Isabelle, but we will continue to discuss and pray as we have thus far.

So I had better get that time management thing under my belt for good! Wish me luck! ;)

Here is a picture of my adorable 3rd grade Ethan, on our first albeit short-lived homeschool adventure.
Isn't he just the cutest little guy?

I'm much more optimistic about homeschooling this time around. The circumstances were different then. And I don't do well with small children. So there's that.  =)

I have to throw this photo in too...just look at those handsome little boys!
This was taken along the coast in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, near where my Dad grew up and we have various relatives scattered about. The tie-dye shirts C and J are sporting were their own creations from our trial homeschool art class a few days before. Those shirts fared better than the trial. ;)

Oh how quickly the years fly by. I intend on making the most out of them all.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Erin said...

Wishing you all the best as you start out:)

Gae said...

I'm sure you will find it changes your life and you will find much joy and fulfillment in the everyday

Sennie said...

Woot, woot! Funny thing is I remember that time from years ago, and I really didn't get it then, why you'd want to homeschool. Here we are now:) It has been the best thing for my family, praying it will be for yours, also<3

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