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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finding Our New Normal and a Homeschooling Question

Hey folks! How funny that today of all days I begin to write about "schedules" and new routines and such, and then I realize that it's nearly 11:00 and we've done diddly squat so far today. My sewing was thwarted by some bizarre cuticle-bleeding incident. Groceries are still sitting on the store shelves because the dog didn't poop or urinate on his walk this morning, and I had to rush back home with him after drop-offs instead. Ethan had a headache last night and just got up a half an hour ago. And I have cramps. Oh, was that too much? Sorry.

You know what? Sometimes diddly squat is exactly what you need. Sometimes.

A teensy part of the problem may also be that I got sucked into reading adoption this and that, and now I'm feeling down. It's almost too overwhelming today. Here we are, aching to do a good thing, and it just isn't happening. God's timing, I know. I know. But it's still hard.

Sooooo...I would love to hear from you homeschoolers who (happily) keep a "looser" schedule. What kinds of things have worked well for you? Do you still use specific curricula? I really have little (zero) intention of adhering to a firm schedule. My boys are older, self-motivated, and avid readers, so I plan on giving them time and space in order to explore their own interests. I'm really looking forward to this kind of learning!

And to all the field trips. Let's be honest here.

Oh! Apparently my self-motivated eldest already completed a new Spanish vocabulary list before I sat down to write this. (Maybe it's just me having a diddly squat kind of day then! Now he's reading a thick historical novel about Nero and persecution, something I know I never read about in my high school years.)

And now we're going to watch a movie. I could call it educational. But I won't.  =)

I hope to be back tomorrow with a fabulous cookie recipe! Have a great day!

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Sennie said...

Oh, we have those days, for sure. You probably know this already, but my teens use the Monarch online curriculum. I need to daily check what they've done, but it's individual work, done at their pace. One likes to do his work late at night and sleep in in the morning. I'm not crazy about that, but his work is getting done.

If you want to try one of their classes, tomorrow is the 20% off day.

I'd love to hear more how it's going for you!

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