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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Days

The first Friday of 2014! Woo-hoo! And one of our last vacation days. Some days haven't been all rosy, if you know what I mean, but I think I'm going to feel really, really lonely come Monday morning. We just survived our first blizzard of '14, and man, is it COLD out there! My skin has more scales than a python about now- so itchy and dry! Yes, there could be worse things....

So I've been thinking a lot about blogs and babies and business lately, and you know what I've decided?

I truly have no idea!

I don't know when my arms - and our baby crib- will no longer be empty; I don't know if I want to own/run a sewing business indefinitely; and I don't know what exactly I want for this blog, but I can't seem to say goodbye to it, either (starting, oh, say 4 new blogs in the past calendar year)...but I am going to keep moving forward, doing whatever it is I feel that God is leading me toward. I know my writing plays a big part in that, so I will be dedicating much more time to that this year. I know that I'm incredibly blessed, that I have everything I need and then some, so I don't say this to complain; it's just that I feel like something isn't quite right. I realized that I was actually dreading the start to a new year because deep down I felt like it will be one more year to dwell on my failures, one more year that puts me farther and farther away from my dreams. Not exactly a Hallmark moment, right? I'm not sure where along the way- or how- I began feeling like this, but it has been a huge burden for me. So I'm going to stop fretting over the particulars and instead seek God and trust Him with all my hopes and dreams.

Here are some fun pictures of our snow days this week:

Ethan had an early morning orthodontist's appointment and I didn't feel too confident driving in the snowy, icy conditions, so I sweet-talked the hubs into going for me. Poor Ethan has had more headaches this week (and yes, it scares the goodness gracious out of me!) and he was not a happy camper about having to waste a good vacation day getting up super early. Life's rough.  ;o)

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Cathy Vargas said...

Cute pictures, I totally love her hat :)

Cathy Vargas
Vintage Girls

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