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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Goals for 2014

I used to be a firm New Year's Resolution maker. Until I was so sick and tired of feeling like a failure that I just completely gave up altogether.

Because my resolutions never lasted. I don't think I'm alone, either.

Now I think of things a little differently. I reflect on the past year, things I thought I did well, and other things that could definitely use some improvement, and I set some goals for myself. It's still a resolution of sorts, I suppose, but it just feels a little kinder. We women are typically our own worst enemies, but I am slowly learning to be nicer to myself. Do any of you struggle with that too?

Some of my Personal Goals are:
  • Be more mindful of what I'm eating, and WHY - I tend to snack on sweets when I'm lonely, bored or anxious
  • Get more daily activity- I love to do things outside but it's so much harder in the cold dead of winter
  • Pray for patience and empathy for others - I can have a rather sinister heart/attitude, and I don't want to live with that kind of negativity; I'd like to be known for having compassion, being kind, and helping others
  • Savor life - I want to live with thankfulness, intentionality and purpose; constant gratitude reminds me that everything single thing I have is a gift from God and makes me want to share His love with others
  • Cherish and tend to my friendships more
Some of my Home Goals are:
  • Install a closet system (been sitting in the box in the basement for a year now) in our teeny tiny bedroom closet
  • Reorganize the pantry and install new shelves
  • Ditto for the inadequate linen closet upstairs
  • Change the front steps and landing - the color at least, but hopefully everything
  • Add Board and Batten to the downstairs hallway
  • Add the finishing touches to the kids' bedrooms
I would like to add here that I made great progress with some of the goals I'd set for 2013. I worked on them until the very end. Literally. I instagrammed a picture of my newly-hung scarf hooks on 12/31/13 around 4 in the afternoon!  =)

there is so much going on here that I just love, even though I'll probably get yelled at for posting this!!
I told my Dad he was going to have to get more matching shirts for J & C, ha!

One little tradition I've enjoyed over the years is to welcome in the New Year with a pretty plant or two. This year I brought Isabelle with me to pick them out, so that was special. We decided to get one for Mimi (my mother) and Grandma (my m-i-l) this year too. We also enjoyed a New Year's Day brunch with my in-laws, an afternoon of swimming fun with my husband's sister and family, and then we hosted a brunch at our house that weekend with my parents. Add in a few dinners and coffee & desserts with friends, and I think I'm off to a good start!

Now I'm off to bake some is Friday after all! Have a great weekend!

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