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Monday, March 24, 2014

Celebrating Jonah's Birthday

I just realized that the whole month has nearly flown by and there are so many things I've wanted to document, so today I'm catching up with my birthday boy's actual birthday day. It was a fabulous day! (We had his big party over the weekend so I'll be sharing that soon, too.)

 J wanted a ginormous Whoopie Pie for his birthday cake - it was huge! And really yummy!

 Just a snapshot of French Toast and berries. Oh, and my glamorous life.

Birthday hugs before school

I swear I never leave the kitchen! With all the birthdays around here, and all the requests for special treats and dinners and such, I basically live in the kitchen.
Jonah had the bright idea of trying to make a giant Whoopie Pie Cake, and I wasn't sure if it would come out okay, but it did and he loooved it. Love it when that happens. :)

This was such a fun day!
The guys watched Percy Jackson while I baked the whoopie pies, and then I brought them out to Pizza Hut for lunch. We were going to sneak up to go swimming before school ended, but it started to snow, a lot!, so we waited for Isabelle to get home and to see if the snow lessened.
This was when I sang Happy Birthday to him in front of everyone. I have no shame.
He was super embarrassed but I think he liked it, too.

It did, so off we went. Such a nice afternoon!

Just a few presents for your real birthday day

He wanted a new hockey stick and was pretty happy about this - all the photos are blurry because he was so excited he just couldn't be still.  :)

Moms of boys, I know you totally get this
ha ha ha ha
And I just noticed Caleb's reflection in the mirror- HA

March 5th was a teeth-chattering, finger-numbing, bitterly cold kind of day, but at least the snow was shining. For a while began to snow, a lot!, throughout the day. A special sort of homage to the Nor'easter 13 years ago, during which my baby boy was born.

Though this was technically our first official week of homeschool, I didn't have a moment's hesitation to call off school for the day and celebrate my son. And we did everything we wanted to do!

Jonah kept telling me what an awesome day he'd had, and that just made my heart swell to the point of bursting. How blessed am I.

I just had to share this one... Jonah and Caleb started taking care of sweet Abby shortly after his birthday. Isn't she the sweetest little thing?!?! They have both been so responsible and trust-worthy, and I'm incredibly proud of them. Plus, we get to play with this adorable puppy. It's a win-win!

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Courtney said...

Those whoppie pies look amazing. What a special for birthday for your special little guy.

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