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Monday, April 28, 2014

Tom Brady and The 2014 House List

Yeah, that's right. Hangin' with Number 12. We totally had a vibe going on...can't you see it?

I'm almost sorry I'm subjecting you to this. This is me, no make-up (except for my favorite cheapo lip gloss) and with my been-in-the-rain-and-under-a-hat-all-day hair. Or, you're welcome because you probably feel a lot better about yourself right now?  ;) Well anyhoo, we had such a great time and I will cherish that night forever. I'll write more about it tomorrow.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm an ardent list-maker. People, there are sub-lists of my lists! It's bad. Our "house list" has dwindled considerably, but there are still lots of lingering projects. Nothing too extraordinary by itself, but all together, I'm slightly hyperventilating. I'm just going to have to jump in and start somewhere, which means I'm going to have to work really hard to stay on top of the boys' schooling, customer's orders, life in general, and now these projects. I thought I'd blog about them to keep me motivated to finish...though at this point, perhaps the motivation to simply begin is more like it.

2014 House Goals
1. Install closet system in the Master Bedroom Closet
2. Finish upstairs Main Bath
3. Either paint, put up a border (yuck) or crown moulding in Isabelle's room
4. Better storage/shelving for Ethan's room and Jonah's room
6. Add shelf or art to First Floor Bath
7. First Floor Hallway/ Entryway
8. Replace Front Door
9. Replace/ Redo Front Steps
10. Finish removing haphazard rock wall and cleaning up entire area (otherwise known as the "pet cemetery") in front yard
11. Finish large/huge/ginormous/completely overwhelming rock wall garden in front yard
12. Replace garage door
13. Replace garage entry door
14. Redo Kitchen Pantry
15. Redo Upstairs Hall Linen Closet

There is probably more, but my official list (and three sub-lists) are all upstairs, and since Ryder was making gagging noises in his house and I let him out waaaay early this morning, I am not leading him upstairs to jump on multiple sleeping children in order to go get said lists. So from memory will have to do.

See? Now that it's written out, it seems like a lot. But I know it's a much smaller list than when we first started here, not quite a year and a half ago. This next photo is in reference to #10 on the list- Ethan has been instrumental in tackling this huge project, and I'm one impressed Mama. I'll have more pictures to show soon.

If you want to read where we got started, click here
THIS POST shares some of our progress so far. Happy Monday!

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