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1 Corinthians 3:17

Thursday, May 8, 2014

One of Those Beautiful Days

Okay, so I started this yesterday and got sidetracked. And tired! So now here I am, bright and early. And still a little tired.  =)

Caleb had a very big night on Tuesday with his Dad...his surprise Easter gift was a ticket to see the Red Sox at Fenway, and he was ecstatic! Couldn't wipe the wide smile off his face for days prior, and of course now, after the fact. William kept texting me Caleb's comments throughout the game, but this one pretty much sums it up: "Best night of my whole life!" Poor Jonah and Isabelle, on the other hand, were still recovering from some stomach thing (and really poor Jonah, who had managed to get himself a double ear infection and possible strep throat immediately following the New England Rev' game!), but feeling well enough to enjoy dinner with my in-laws while the Sox fans were out of town.


Someone was extra sleepy yesterday morning and couldn't deal with the usual 4:38 wake-up time. Wimp. Just kidding...they didn't get home until 11:30, and considering how he traveled into MA for work, came home for an hour only to turn around and travel even farther into MA for the game, we won't pick on him too much. I took full advantage of that situation and made a beeline for the grocery store after dropping Isabelle off. Those fridge shelves were looking pretty sparse, folks. Time to shop.

You know how sometimes you just take a glance around you, and within seconds, you can tell it's going to be an adventure at the grocery store today?  Yeah. That was yesterday. I knew I was either going to laugh or cry by the end. Except for that one guy who must have had a severe allergy to soap- and deodorant- or rather some other norms-defiant mentality. Because he just kind of made me choke on the air. There were teen girls proudly belching up and down each aisle (think Elf-sized), others arguing over how many packs of canned sodas they could fit into the trunk of their car (what!?!) because they were on sale (although they weren' was just the way they were priced that made it seem like they might be on sale). Another lady lamenting over the high cost of cigarettes. Or at least I think that's what she was talking about; she spoke in one continuous cough, so it was hard to tell what she was saying at all. But she called the check-out lady "honey" at least a hundred times, so in my mind, she was redeemed.

So as I'm finishing up, I started to place my things on the belt, chuckling inside at the cigarette "conversation" up ahead of me, and one of the belch girls (and I know this because I can hear her coming a mile away) is suddenly cramming her ramen noodle packet/boxed-arms into my back and rear, pushing past me in order to dump them out onto the conveyor belt. I thought she grunted at me, perhaps as an absent-minded, "Excuse me," or "Sorry about that." No problem. Whatev.  Carry on.

And do you know what made this moment even more awkward than it already was? Well, I'll tell you : the shouting match that progressed between the two of them as I stood there, stuck in some weirdo grocery edition monkey-in-the-middle game. I thought we were going to have to call the paramedics! Of course I'm rooting for Cough-Lady throughout this fight because even though I can't tell what she's saying, I can hear "honey" this and "honey" that. Meanwhile Belch-Girl has just about come to the end of her rope, hollering and carrying on, and I'm standing there trying in vain to figure out what they're even talking about. I must have been so entranced that I'd forgotten to keep putting my things up, until I got a dirty look from the person in back of me. And I laughed. Because sometimes, you just have to.

Now I realize that the title of this post seems sarcastic, but it's not! Yesterday was such a great day! I didn't think the whole grocery store story was going to be that long, but I had to include the details for prosperity's sake.  ;) The weather was delightful, and we enjoyed it to the fullest.

We spent an hour or more outside playing catch and hitting the ball. I throw like a total girl, so they were giving me pointers. I made Jonah pose in this pic for me after he sent the ball flying into the woods. I bet you can't see it...

Pretty impressive, considering we were playing up near the house at the time. We got a big kick out of that!

Oak Hill Trails with Dad and Ryder. Ticks are out full force this year. So gross! And scary- my Dad battled Lyme Disease for over a year and a half, and it was dreadful. Everyone gets so mad at me because it stinks!), but I rely on this natural, non-toxic homemade repellant.


Fire Tower #... um, I have no idea, actually.

There was a state guy eating his lunch up there, and the boys said he wasn't friendly at all. They all said hi to him and he ignored them. Jerk.

They're coming!

I like this part of the trail- I feel so small amid all those huge trees.

Blooming forsythia beside the parking area. So pretty!

I'd been feeling overwhelmed and frazzled in general with homeschool stuff, but I've found some great articles and websites, which was just the shot of encouragement I needed. I love how God does that for us, points us in a certain direction or gives a gentle nudge. And then I got to hold babies last night in the nursery at church. =)

Today looks to be another glorious day. Jonah is feeling a little nervous because today we go in for phase two with braces. His parents are nervous as well. Phase two has a high price tag. Ouch. Now would be a great time to put in an order (or twenty).  =)

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