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1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School

Argh, it's getting late already and I forgot to make lunch last night, you know, to be organized and all that jazz.  =) We had the very best First Day yesterday! I'll be documenting the details later, but for now will show off share this picture of these two great boys who are awesome brothers to each other (most of the time!). They were so sweet to me yesterday, not even arguing or complaining when I asked if they would wear something nice for pictures of their first day. And then they proceeded to clean up their rooms and make their beds super nicely, which of course they were eager to show me. What a way to start off the year! 

Obviously, back to school means something very different for me now than it did when they, well, went to school. I'm on call, now as Mom AND Teacher, which comes with its challenges. But the rewards? The rewards are more than I could ever dream! Since I'm always interested in how other mothers go about their day- maybe I'm just super nosy???- I thought it might be fun to highlight one of mine. It's not that I think I've ultra organized and efficient and simply must share my, I just want to savor these days, challenges and all, and have this as a record to look back on.

Plus, I think we all have such unique gifts to offer and share, and I've learned so much from so many different women. Okay, I'm off, and maybe today I won't forget to put a drink in poor Isabelle's lunch, ha.  ;)

(I'll share her pics later! How did my baby get so big?!?)

Have a great day!

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Courtney said...

What a sweet picture of your boys. Hope you guys have a great school year.

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