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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Look Back at Fall 2014

I never remember how much I rely on this blog to capture memories and our everyday life until I start reading through some of the older posts and find things that I'd otherwise have forgotten about. Or things that just make me smile. I'm so thankful to have those special snippets of our lives recorded! I haven't blogged lately because I'm dealing with something really painful, and it felt so phony to be writing happy little family posts while grieving; but then again, isn't that how life goes? Forward? No matter what? This isn't the time to share that, so I'm going to try to capture some of our special moments this fall.

 Nothing says fall more than hot apple cider donuts at one of our favorite orchards

 Nothing says I'm old quite like this guy driving me around. Sigh.


 More soccer!!

 And MORE soccer!!! This was an away game and the trip out there was so, so pretty! On the way home the kids watched a movie and laughed and laughed- such a great night!

 Of course, fall in New England isn't complete without a mid-season temperature hike, so...we hit the beach!

 A sticky hot Saturday morning soccer game, but this one didn't mind.  =)

 An educational meeting. At McDonald's. ha ha

 Exploring on a beautiful fall afternoon.

 Apple picking selfie with my gorgeous blue-eyed boy!

 Enjoying our favorite trails near home...

 ...sometimes with these fellas...

 ...and other times with these two

 Or just one  ;)

 These kitties crack me up so much!

I think I'm going to have to print and frame this one- I just love it! We met friends at the apple orchard and had such a fun morning.

 At my best friend's Harvest Fest - my Mom wanted a picture of them in the carriage sooooo much! Well, Isabelle was off running around with all the little girls, and Caleb couldn't be coaxed away from the football games out back, ha! We got half the crew...

 Meeting Elsa at a gymnastics event was a BIG DEAL

 A fun trail hike with my Jonah

 I got lost en route to a field trip. When I found this place by mistake, I wasn't annoyed about it anymore.


 My favorite #33 in action

 I was happy about my new haircut, even though it was raining (which kills my hair)
 Looking out for raptors and birds of prey on the tower

 More apple picking!

 What's a girl got to do to get her Dad to look up for a picture, ha ha

 Ethan's one request for getting his braces removed: a huge caramel apple!
It was awesome. And it cost nearly as much as the braces. Yikes! (Obviously not, but...whoa!)

I made that! All by myself! For real! It wasn't love at first sight, but it didn't hate me like usual, so...I consider it a success!

Here's to a great Tuesday!

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