Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, January 9, 2015


Now that we're a solid week in, it feels official. My biggest goal this year is to improve my prayer life, to seek out God in the big things as well as the little ones, and to actively pray over my children in very specific ways. It hasn't been a great start. I've let things distract me and pull me away from what I truly desire, and now I feel restless and unsettled. I know God meets us where we are and that His love is pure and unconditional, but I want to do better. I want Him to come first, and so I must do my part.

I was just reading one of my friend's blogs and she wrote about choosing and meditating on a specific verse for their family for the year, as well as different ones for each of their children. I love this idea! So many times I get stuck, or paralyzed maybe, because I think things have to be big and dramatic and life-changing in terms of helping my children grow spiritually, but it is God who breathes His life-changing power into all those "little" things we do. Just like in praying, it isn't about what we can do, it's about what He can do. 

I thought 2015 was a good year to have fancy crepes for breakfast. We had other stuff too, but these were really fun and yummy for the first day of a brand new year.

If you've been reading my rants for any time at all then you know my tradition of buying one or two new plants for a new year. With below-freezing (and this week, below zero!) temps on a regular basis throughout winter, I need something green and colorful and, well, something to symbolize life again. Oh how I miss my gardens and flowers and digging in the dirt in the winter months!

We brought the kids to an indoor rink because, ironically, we had had such warm weather at Christmastime that the ponds had not yet frozen over. We seem to have remedied that and some, ha!

This boy. I don't even have words. ;)

Ethan is so sweet with Isabelle. She never went skating last year so she was basically starting from scratch. She stuck to the railing for the first hour or so but then she wanted big brother to bring her out to the middle. She fell a lot but she always got right back up with a big smile on her face. She is a much better sport than her Mama. Or her Daddy. ha ha

And here she is the very next day (after cold front #1 of 39 this past week). Looking like a pro!

Sometimes the sass and attitude of this one surprises me. I'm still so used to boys, and there issues were completely different. I need to remember that she is watching my every move, and when I respond in anger, she will also; when I am impatient or unloving, she will be those things too. This brought tears to my eyes the other morning because it gave me such a special glimpse of what is going on inside of her precious little heart as we navigate this sinful and selfish world of ours. She heard me telling a friend about my goal for this year, and just look what she did. She wanted to have her time with the Lord in the morning, too. Just like me. Oh they see and hear everything! How I pray that what she sees and hears from me are always the very best things. Now my eyes are all filled up again. Happy sigh.

I even got to entertain princesses this week. The girls had been outside for over an hour- it was about 7 degrees, I think- and then they rushed in, and after a round of giggles, came downstairs like this... in need of a little hot cocoa with the works, of course.  =)

I've made a few little changes to our home this week. After bare cabinets for a whole year, I brought back some color. I love it!

Then I changed up our entryway a bit. This shelf has wire baskets that I've used to hold fabric, so the baskets went into the sewing closet and the shelf got prettied up. It's a great size for this space, so I really like it.

Lastly, this is a big change...but I'm not finished with it yet. I'll share photos soon. It involves the dining room, my sewing area, a future reading nook, and a couple of other things. So far everything feels like it was meant to be this way, so that's a good thing.

Okay, now it's a bit later than I realized and I've got breakfast and lunches to whip up. Have a great day and weekend!

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