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Saturday, January 31, 2015


The Frozen obsession runs deep and true around here, as I'm sure it does in just about every little girl's- and even boy's- home. To be perfectly honest, while I do find it impossible not to sing along with the soundtrack, the movie itself is not one of my favorites. I have never gotten over the whole Hans-is-a-bad-guy thing, and that just ruined everything for me. But oh was it a festive and fun birthday party for our sweet eight year old girl!

This was the cake that I'd envisioned, and I was so thrilled that it ended up looking nearly exactly as I'd pictured it! All the decorations came together easily after I finalized what the cake would look like.

I couldn't get, so pretty!
I know it isn't perfect, and there may have been one color disaster that I had to contend with - think lime green instead of pale aqua...but I fixed it! 
I love this cake!

I found nearly everything at WalMart in the party aisle- it wasn't from a specific theme or anything- just regular party colors! (I'll include a breakdown of items/costs at the end.)

On the day of the party, we woke up to more snow. #newenglandlife
Some people thought that was just about the coolest thing ever. Some people didn't. ha ha ha

Thankfully the roads got cleared, and we're all used to driving in storms anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. Though two girls didn't come because their Dads weren't around and the Moms didn't want to drive. Can't blame them for that!
This picture is from the night before - wait till you see how high the snow got in the last photo! Whoa!

It was kind of a dark morning, so the colors seem a little off in these pictures. It was gorgeous in person!
We had guests use our side entry so they could shake off the snow in the garage on the way in. This is what it looked like as they entered... I heard one little girl squeal when she came in - that totally made my day. :)

This was the cute backdrop for the cake that was also supposed to be for pictures of my birthday girl. Didn't happen. But I saved it all and hope to reenact that part and all will be well with my sad little heart- can you imagine, not even one picture of the birthday girl?!? Guests were early and then we just never recovered, ha.

The table was set the night before as soon as the supper dishes were cleared. I like to get as much done ahead of time as I can. 

One year I decorated all the chairs with tulle and flowers, which we loved. This year, I only adorned the birthday girl's seat, and I gave Isabelle a Birthday Goblet all fancied up with ribbons and lace. She was pretty pleased with that!

Nothing makes wintry days happier and prettier than a bunch of pink tulips.

The party was mid-morning so I didn't need anything too substantial, mostly snacks. And they were simple: cheese & crackers, chicken nuggets & dipping sauce, and this festive rainbow fruit plate. This is always a big hit and it's so simple!

Fancy punch  =)

Even tissue paper scraps look pretty, so they get used as well.

Valentine's Day Kisses are a perfect addition. Those are cupcakes in the background that the girls decorated as one of their activities. I used frosting in a can and provided lots of different sprinkles - easy and cheap. They loved it!

This was mid-decorating. They look so cute and innocent. ha ha ha ha  My goodness, the sheer volume in that room!

I put the girls' cupcakes in a clear plastic cup, labeled with their name, and tied a sandwich baggie around them- these were part of the favors they brought home. They also had some jumbo sparkly crayons that I wrapped a piece of ribbon around. So easy!

Okay, one more photo of her cake! :)

Everyone was so sweet to comment on it and nobody could believe it wasn't from a bakery! Well, thank you! ;)

Of course, I meant to get a photo of the inside, which was all swirly pinks and purples, but... parties get cuh-razy, and I just can't stop everything for a bunch of pictures. And I forget. I'm getting old, ha ha!
This isn't the same cake, but it's pretty close to what it looked like. Just swap out the green for purple, and there you have it!

Such a fun day!
Happy Birthday, Isabelle Kate!
 This was from when we had a Mommy-Daughter Spa Night and got mani/pedis for her birthday - I felt like I got initiated into the girl Mom club that night...and I looooved it!

Party details
I keep and reuse party things, which definitely keeps costs down, but here is the breakdown of everything for our Under Twenty Bucks Frozen Birthday Party - doesn't that sound catchy?!? ha ha

tissue paper puffs/flowers (2 bright color packages, WalMart, $1.94)
crepe paper streamers (already owned)
lace & ribbons (JoAnn's, after Christmas clearance, .80)
3-pack crepe paper medallions (WalMart, $1.97)
white tablecloths (already owned)
artificial bunches of flowers (already owned)
bunch tulips (local grocery store, $4.99)
Frozen plates (WalMart, $2.97)
2 sets bright colored napkins (WalMart, $1.94)
punch bowl/punch cups (already owned)
glitter candles (WalMart, around $2)

Here is the day after the birthday storm. The sun finally started to come out!
Look at all that snow!!!

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