Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I've been editing some pictures from our trip, and it dawned on me that while we may have missed out on the sightseeing kinds of things, there were so many special moments spent just being together. I think those are the most important ones.

I know I posted a rather lengthy "life lately" kind of post recently, but these are just some fun things I want to remember in the years to come.

Like me, with a snake inside my sleeve, for example. Ha Ha Diego says hola. ;) He kept crawling inside my sweatshirt instead of staying around my neck like he usually does, and then he'd settle into the crook of my elbow, inside the sleeve. It feels so funny! At one point I got busy doing things and completely forgot about him...till he plopped out onto the counter. Glad I hadn't been doing dishes in hot water or something! I know many people don't enjoy snakes, and I never really gave it much thought until Ethan began asking for one, and...he's a great pet. A little high maintenance for my liking, but he's friendly and cute. Don't get me started on the snakes that people want as pets that can actually smother, strangle or eat you. That's just crazy.

Our little window herb garden. I am super excited about having all these fresh herbs in the kitchen! We're making plans for a few garden beds this summer; I'm skeptical but hopeful since we haven't had much success in the past.

Thinking ahead to outdoorsy things, I've been on the hunt for an actual patio set for our deck out back. It's pretty big, with an upper tier and a lower one, so I'd really like to put them to good use. There's one drawback: those sets are SO expensive! Yikes! But I've got to settle on something because I spent ten years at our old house putting it off, and I regret not having made that space livable and fun while we were there. Lesson learned. I think I may just have to win the lottery, or... look up DIY sets and put my crew to work, which is what I've been doing thanks to Pinterest. You can see my boards here.

I'm just calling this one a complete and total fantastic win for me. =)  Maybe the crust curse is lifting...

I love a man in the kitchen, and usually, I've got several. On this night they were whipping up a Chinese feast for us. We had crab rangoons and egg rolls, among other yummy things. I'm sure my future daughters-in-law will thank me, ha.

Boggle was big for the past few weeks, but Chess has always been a staple here. They bug me to play, but I don't know how, and every time they try to teach me, I remember that I just don't care enough about the game to care. Or pretend to. But I sure do love watching them!  =)

The snow is finally melting here and I plan to take advantage of the warmer air today. I can almost see the ground beneath the clothesline out back, which makes me more giddy than I should admit, and I can see the tops of some plants and shrubs around the yard. Hooray!!!

Now I'm off to walk off some calories from making this ooey-gooey dessert last night. I didn't really want to make it, but someone (it was Ethan) asked so nicely...and how can a Mama refuse that? Go make some and your family will think you're pretty great, too!

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