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1 Corinthians 3:17

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Date Night! We really know how to live it up, this guy and I. I think we were back home by 8:45, ha. Too old. And tired! I wanted to be in my jammies.

Boo. I do think this was the last of it. I hope.

Someone seemed right at home on this plush pile. Never mind that the seams are showing from this angle...yes, that totally bugs me and my perfectionist ways- this is the best fold for the width of my closet shelves, and the seams face the wall. Now I feel redeemed, slightly.  ;)

First park day of the year!!!

I've been taking Ryder on lots more walks lately, and he literally collapses afterward. Ha Ha

My thoughtful boy treated me to lunch! He had it all planned out, so cute! He kept telling me to drive where he said but not to think about where I was going. =) He paid and everything, so it was a real date. I was so touched by his kindness and generosity.  What a sweetie.

Feeling wild and free out on a nearby trail.

Don't leave us to our own devices...because we're a little nuts. Whatev.  =)

I don't even have words for these two. Their special relationship melts my heart.

When Ethan drives me to her school, this is how he gets greeted. Every.Single.Time.

She was very proud of her drawing, but mostly she was excited about the "six pack," ie a tic-tac-toe board that she'd drawn across his middle. Oh man, the things/expressions she overhears. Life with a little girl and her teenaged big brother is rarely boring.

Oh happy day! Clothes drying in the breeze and sunshine. I think I did at least four loads that day, and I loved every single minute spent out there.

I saw this while going through pictures the other day....someone was very proud of Diego's recent shed. Yeah, life with teenagers and all their stuff- not boring, ever!

Aren't these kites awesome? We were beach-bound on Sunday.

It was just what we needed after such a loooooong, cold winter. There were also about fifteen horses trotting all around us. Just beautiful.

This was just the happiest little pile of sweet nighties for a customer- I was a little sad mailing them off yesterday because they were just so pretty, but I'm hoping they make for a really great Happy Mail day out in Arizona!

Whew! It has been a busy and wonderful week. And tomorrow's Friday!

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