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Monday, January 4, 2016


Well here we are, Monday morning after a nice, long Christmas break. It's been great, but it also feels like it's time to get back to a new normal. Especially new for us, as we're still transitioning from homeschool to part-time and full-time traditional school. Oh, and finish moving in. And then have a baby. (!!!!!)

This was the very first house we looked at when we decided to put our home on the market last summer. We liked the house right away but were concerned with "the bedroom situation," meaning that we're down one, and the sizes of these rooms are smaller, so completely impossible to share two of them. After touring what seemed like a thousand other houses and never finding one that felt like home the way this one did, we moved forward. Being geniuses helps, too, because we came up with some great solutions for the sleeping arrangements. Ha Ha

We've been here three weeks now and it already feels so good. We never had any intention of staying in our last home more than 3-5 years, but we plan on staying here for the long haul. It does make a difference in how we view certain, well, design challenges. We've got time to do whatever we want, no big rush this time around.

Here is our living room so far. There are some changes we'd like to make because the room feels both too country and traditional (is that even possible?) for our tastes, but this is how it looks now and I do like it. The seating arrangement has also posed some challenges, but until we alter the huge fireplace/mantel and put the TV on the wall overhead, this is the only way it works. We're okay with that for now. =)

 (obviously haven't quite finished with the poor shelves...)

I nearly broke my neck parading around the snowy backyard for those snippets of greenery, so I think they look especially lovely!  ;)

Anytime I want a glimpse of what I know this home can look like, I come out here and soak it all in. The owners added this sunroom last fall and I looove it. This is what I want the whole house to look and feel like!

If you follow me on instragram, then you know we went bedroom furniture shopping because my mammoth dresser didn't fit on any wall...and I was tired of having to hoist myself up onto that high bed, ha! I shared a quick pic there, but I really like how the new furniture looks and fits, so I'll write up a post about that soon. Have a super Monday!

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