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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bless This Nest Bird-Themed Baby Shower

I can't believe that my baby shower was a whole week ago! It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day, just the perfect Spring day, and I was so thankful. We're facing a snowstorm for tomorrow.  :(

I had the most wonderful time at the shower, so grateful for everyone's joy and generosity as we welcome this new little love into our family. My Mom and one of my best friends from church put everything together for me, except the decorations, which I volunteered to do myself. It kept me busy and suits my perfectionistic personality to a tee, so win-win.

Blurry pic- actually, most of my photos on Blogger are "fuzzy" now, totally annoying, and I'm not sure why- of me with my best girl. She isn't in any other pictures because she was off and running around with her friends the whole time. She's my social butterfly for sure. (If I look tired- and super swollen- it's because I am!!! ha)

Our entryway. I made the wreath on the door by snipping off the flowers of some bunches and hot gluing them on. There is also a little feathered birdie on there. Toss some tall blooms in a galvanized bucket to dress up en empty corner and you're done.

There is also a sweet ceramic bird with a couple of faux eggs in the plant pot. Just a little something to carry on the bird/nest theme; plus, they are all decorations that I can use from year to year for spring.

Our shoe storage became the table top for the party favors and a few other spring touches.

There were rice krispie pops and dipped Oreos. Originally I had planned on making cookie pops from the Oreos but I could not get them to cooperate. Like, at all. The cookie kept cracking or breaking every time I tried to push the stick in the creme filling. After a dozen fails, I opted for Plan B. The krispie treats were still kind of a pain but at least they worked. If I were to make them again, I would insert the stick to make the "hole," then take it out and dip it in the melted candy before inserting it back in so it would form a sort of glue when it hardened. I couldn't find the right size plastic bags, either, so I got a bigger size and simply cut them down and tied the ribbon around. Just call me MacGyver.  :)

I'm not a fan of this brass chandelier (at least it's the real deal and not the faux really cheap looking brass that's on the market today), so let's pretend it's a lovely black one. I never did get a photo of the table when all the food arrived- it covered the entire table runner! Thank you, family and friends!

This little bunting is hanging by the crib now- it fit perfectly between these windows. They are the fabrics I used in baby's quilt. You can kind of see the gift table in the other room- didn't get a photo of that either. The white table houses or TV until we can get it mounted above the fireplace, so my husband brought the TV to our room for the party and it became the perfect gift table. I draped a swaddle blanket over the top, and it looked very sweet.

The sweet ceramic birds were on sale at Michael's. I had been searching everywhere for birds and they were all too bright or just plain ugly. Hooray for Michael's!

Word document on basic card stock- simple but effective.

Adorable bow tie napkins- after making a few of these, I decided that it was kind of a pain to have to unwrap your fork from a napkin, and then the napkin was all wrinkled and looked used, so I settled on these for decorations. I think that worked perfectly.

White tulips, carnations, roses, baby's breath, and a handful of bright daffodils were the perfect assortment.

More birdies and a bird cage, so simple and they can be used again and again. (I'm thinking of adding a small plate collection to highlight this wall...)

Easter time is THE perfect time for a bird-themed baby shower. No shortage of egg candies, decorative grass & faux eggs! That poor table runner looks sooo wrinkled- I ironed and ironed it but to no avail. Hmpf.

Things got busy before I was able to snap a picture of the drink stations. There was a punch bowl and some pretty pitchers, that's easy enough to imagine, right? One thing I did that I will definitely do in the future- I bought some colorful sticker labels for each guest to label their (clear plastic) cups and it worked wonderfully. No wondering whose cup belongs to whom. I've seen people use tags with mason jars, which I love, but I didn't want the expense of purchasing all of those.

Our sun room was the perfect spot for setting up a little diaper station for guests to write notes of encouragement for those middle of the night diaper changes. I also added a basket of envelopes (for thank you cards) and asked everyone to please fill one out with their address- nobody minded and it sure saved me a ton of time and effort from having to look up addresses and write them all out.

I love how this turned out. We jokingly refer to this ginormous mantel as "the beast," but I think it looked sweet like this.

I still pinch myself at the thought of a little baby boy wearing these precious little things! Just two more weeks!!!

You gotta have a baby shower selfie. =) I made this dress thinking that it would be very forgiving after baby's birth, without the belt anyway...we shall see, ha

I realized too late that I should've had my Mom take pictures on my camera and not hers, so I'm waiting for those pictures. They're mostly of my friends & family and me, but I think there may be a few other miscellaneous ones as well. I'll add them to this post once I get them.

I may have already shared this picture but I don't care- it makes me smile so. Now we just need the baby!

Okay, now I'm off for some last-minute things and then the big plan for later today is to pack my hospital bag. What do you even put in a hospital bag anymore? I think I'll only need my camera and our going-home outfits...

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pve said...

Looks lovely. Make sure to take something that smells like home and an extra pajama that has your scent for your baby to sleep with. Wishing you lots of love.

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