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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flying Solo

This is the week that I've been a little nervous just thinking about.
Bill goes back to work.
He leaves by 4:15 every morning, so when I say that I'm flying solo for the whole morning routine, I'm not kidding. It is me, myself and I. I know the bigger kids will help me out, and I'm going to try to be extra gracious with myself as well as everyone else.

This week was also the first time we brought our little guy out to church. He did such a good job! We held him for the entire service and he mostly slept, which was a good thing because I quickly realized after leaving home that the dress I'm wearing was not nursing friendly at all. Tired much?
Clearly not feeling the love right now ;)
Ah, those elbow patches get me every single time!

 With big brother Caleb
I thought I'd try for one more and...nope. Not a happy camper!

The day before, our city put on its annual fish and something outdoors event. We brought the kids when they were small because it's free and there are fun games and animals to touch, but truthfully, we've never been huge fans. This year, the animal exhibits were kind of pathetic, and this fishing activity was the only thing that looked remotely fun for Isabelle. It took her a while to get the hang of casting, but once she did, she caught quite a few of these fish!

The main reason we went was to catch up with this handsome cadet, who was volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol.
It was so crowded, so many people were smoking everywhere- #gross - and Bill and I like crowds like we enjoy walking across hot coals. As in, not remotely. The only good thing besides seeing Caleb was that I ran into a dear friend of mine from the boys' elementary school that I hadn't seen in a couple years. It was so nice to catch up!

One proud Mom right here

Little monkey has started to give us some smiles but it's nearly impossible to capture them. We were tickling his side here and you can see just a little bit of a giggly smile. I cannot wait to see his big gummy grins...soon!

Our winter was so mild this year, and then when Levi was born, winter weather kicked in for a bit, and now we're back to lovely spring days. Oh New England, I love you and I loathe you. ha ha
Taking my first solo venture out with Ryder and Levi. I like having a dog with me when I'm on the trails by myself, well, and with a baby.
 Several of my friends commented on IG and texted when I posted a picture of us out on a walk, reminding me to take it easy. I did, I promise. Just a quick little stroll. On pavement. I walked pretty slowly, but it felt so good to get out and move, and enjoy the fresh air.

Riding along in the sunshine is such hard work!

Just a random snippet of an afternoon
Sweet baby boy

I think I may get this picture framed - I just love it! His face, those fingers, those it all

I survived my first week flying solo. 
Really, I'm not alone alone all that much - Ethan is still only part time at the school - and I'm glad. I love having him around.

 Then it was April vacation. No early mornings, no lunches to make ahead of time. Yes, please! And the weather stayed nice and sunny, a little cooler than I'd hoped, but still pretty good.
Oh, I guess we did have one bright and early Monday morning. Ugh.
It was Jonah's turn to get his braces off! Poor Jonah had two rounds of braces, so his mouth has been metal for quite a while.
Gosh I look tired, ha!

He looks so good!
Ethan chose a caramel apple for his post-braces treat, but there weren't any around at the candy shop this time of year (something I wish I'd called and asked about BEFORE dragging Levi across town and finagling the baby carrier through the narrow aisles of the shop) We went to a grocery store with a good bakery and I don't think Jonah looks too upset about his gourmet chocolate bombs. They smelled as amazing as they looked - he's lucky they arrived to him without any bites missing!

Enjoying more sunshine and warmer temps with skateboarding and biking. I don't know where the boys are here, but man did they fly down that hill. #nervousmama
Isabelle was cruising along at a pretty good clip, too. I love the ruffle and streamers that are blowing out behind her. 
I'm trying to get out and walk as much as possible during the day, both for the exercise and the fresh air. I'm really pleased with how the baby weight is coming off already, something I didn't expect.

Another smile that I just couldn't capture in time. Look at how expressive his eyes are! He's so bright, and inquisitive, and he looks so intently at me when I'm talking or singing to him.
The red rings around his eyes, from all that pressure of being "stuck" at birth, have faded so much this week. His eyes are still a very deep blue. Ethan's eyes were a lot like this, and they're now a gorgeous grey-blue/green color. They change depending on what he's wearing. I wonder if Levi's eyes will be like that. I know they may change to brown, my eye color, but I'm so in love with his bright baby blues already, I think I might cry if they do change.

We're heading to the zoo with my Mom, Mimi, tomorrow, and then probably to one of our favorite trails with Ryder later this week. I looove having everyone home, for the most part, ha ha, but I think I'll be ready to have some peace and quiet again next week.

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