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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Levi's Newborn Photos

I'm still over here pinching myself that he is really here, and that he's really mine. We just love him to pieces.

I knew I wouldn't be hiring someone to take photographs of him as a newborn so I scoured the internet looking for images that I liked so I could try to get some myself. So many details to capture, I love each and every one! Truth be told, I really reeeaaallly wanted a swaddle newborn picture, but Levi didn't like to be swaddled very much, and every time I attempted, it was slightly disastrous. :)

I also really wanted one with me, and the fact that I didn't get it nearly breaks my heart. I have lots to treasure for sure, but those ones we dream of are the ones we seem to miss the most.

Here is our sweet baby boy:

Levi, Nine Days Old

Attempting to prep for swaddle pic, exhibit #1
No likey

Ten Days Old

Two Weeks Old
At two weeks, we weren't having it
At all

 Twenty Days Old

One Month

Levi's birth story is HERE
Other newborn pics are HERE

I'm writing this on February 1st in an attempt to capture those moments. Time is so fleeting. Oh how I miss those brand new days together.

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