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Monday, November 14, 2016

My Birthday and Halloween 2016

Well only two weeks late. Not bad. Ha Ha

Let's start with the cute Halloween pics. This was the first year that Isabelle didn't change her mind a hundred times, and it had nothing to do with princesses, or even dresses, actually- she had her heart set on being a cow girl, so...thank you, sweetheart! Easiest costume ever! I was going to make Levi something, either a lion or a monkey, but then I spotted a cheap monkey overall outfit while school shopping and that cinched it, especially since I can barely find the time to work on business sewing. Isabelle had lots of fun. Levi, however, well...

Let's just say we won't write it down as his favorite holiday. I'm glad I didn't kill myself making him some elaborate costume.

The guys found the banana, which is in fact a doggie toy, and how Ryder knew that I'll never know, but he was after it from the moment it entered the house. So here is a grumpy little monkey who had just wiped his monkey nose all over said banana. ha ha

FYI, the banana is no more. Sneaky dog.

He reeeeaaaaallllly wanted to take a bite outta that thing!

My sweet cow girl. That was her idea to put the other bandana on her horse. So cute! I finally had to buy a boys' plaid flannel shirt because I could not find even one in the girls department, and I checked so many stores! Not like it mattered because you can't even see it. Oh well.

Her hair is so thick and gorgeous now. It didn't used to be manageable AT ALL.

Poor baby, still trying to snack on that banana...

And it was my birthday- I'm 42 now! It hardly seems real, or possible. Everyone says it's just a number, and some days I'm okay with that, and others, I'm just not. I brought Levi out in the pouring rain to get this cake from a "real" bakery a couple towns over because, well, I have learned that if there's something I'd like, it's best if I take matters into my own hands. That might make sound like the biggest jerk, but, hey, I'm old now and I do what I want. :)

This birthday was a little strange for me because some of my kids wanted to celebrate with me, one was sick, and the others chose not to. I'm not really sure how else to put it, but it obviously hurt my feelings. So that wasn't the greatest. The weather was gross, too, rainy and cold, for nearly a week by that point. We were over it. I guess this wasn't a celebration for the record books either if I'm being honest.
I did try to have a little fun during my birthday week, but still, it just wasn't a great week or day. You win some, you lose some.

This was actually the day we voted, just a couple days after my birthday. Other than the having to vote part, it was a beautiful day. Finally!

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