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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life Lately

This has been a dreary month. I had been so looking forward to January with all its shiny brand-newness, and it hasn't actually been that great a month. Honestly, it's just been, well...mostly bad. Maybe February will be my month. (?)

But here are some things that made me smile this month:

Taking Levi to the library for the first time
Technically not the first time, but out of his car seat and interacting for the first time. I looove going to the library but just haven't had the desire for the past several months. And this library is adorable! With free adjacent parking! Can't beat that. :) Getting to our old one was much more of a hassle and yet we went all the time. What's wrong with me?

I've been watching two girls after school for just a few minutes each day, but this day they were with me for a lot longer, so they came to the library with us. The younger one kept bringing the animals to Levi and he would just keep looking from his left to his right, back and forth, not smiling or anything. It was funny! He likes to study things and take it all in.

Hey, Mr. Gorilla, how YOU doin'?

Hey little bear, I can poke your eyes out ;)

 Levi's favorite part about being at the library?
Playing with big brother's sweatshirt cord!
 I wish I'd gotten a picture with Isabelle, but she is a tornado in the library. She would take home everything if she could.

And these two in the morning. Can't even take it.

Inauguration Day
The high school boys had midterms that week so our schedule was very different, and Ethan was home with us that Friday by 10:00, so we started watching together. We've been praying (a lot!) for our country and our new president, as well as other leaders.

Levi was super impressed with the pomp and fanfare

He's really starting to want to play with Ryder and the cats. Ryder doesn't mind, but the cats? I wouldn't call them fans just yet.

Going for walks
This hasn't been one of our coldest months ever, but it has just been SO gray.
Dreary and blah
 Look at that face!!!

Nearly everyone complains about getting outside, but once we're out, they usually switch gears and have fun. Usually. :/

What is THIS?
Blue sky? Shadows in the road?
It didn't last long, maybe twenty minutes, and then back to gray.
I was having a moment on Saturday and bundled up Levi to take him for a walk, but the wind was really bitter cold and I didn't want his face to get chapped - we do have a plastic rain guard for the jogger but of course I can't find it. I turned around after half a mile and discovered that he'd fallen asleep leaning into the blankets (yes, two, because cold!) and with his lumberjack hat turned sideways. Poor baby. Crazy Mama. It was a hard weekend.

Caleb has wanted to fly since we both can remember, and he is working hard toward his goal with the Civil Air Patrol. He was promoted again earlier this month, and then became an assistant - he has a ton of extra requirements and responsibility now!
I can't wait until his dreams come true. And then he's flying me to Hawaii. :)

This is the photo I took for Ethan's club soccer badge. I mean, seriously. Look at him! He is as friendly and thoughtful as he is incredibly handsome. :)
How on earth do I have a son who's nearly ready to go off to college?
I'll tell you, it's a hard thing. So many emotions. Wondering if I've done well, if I've done enough, if if if....

We've settled into such a nice nighttime routine, and on most nights now Levi goes right to bed in his crib happy and satisfied, and gets himself to sleep.
Most nights. Sigh

Dad is in charge of the nightly bath, it's their thing
Lately, Levi is obsessed OBSESSED with dropping his favorite little fisherman captain over the edge and climbing up and out of the tub to get it. He has flopped face first into the big bathtub more than once so we're trying to teach him to stay put when in his little one. We haven't had much success with this.
That face, guilty guilty

Either drawing or reading, every single night
She was listening to These Happy Golden Years on audio while sketching on this night

All clean and fresh!
Oh he is trouble. Do you see it in his face? Trouble!
And we couldn't love him more  

I finally painted my nails with my Christmas gel polish- very pretty...

...and the very next day went on a tirade painting all.the.trim
If you think about it, your average house has so much trim around windows, floorboards, and doors. The doors are still killing me!
But everything looks so much nicer and brighter, and it was really the only major thing "wrong" with this house. Needless to say, bye bye pretty nails 

I discovered the joy that is the large barrel curling iron.
AND I discovered that I don't have to blow dry prior to using it, which is great, because my hair is naturally frizzy/curly and tends to dry out quickly. So now I air dry when I've got the time, and voila!
You can hardly see it here, but I was really loving it, especially the back! 
Confession: I don't normally wear make up
I am so not a girly girl. Either I'm in a hurry and I forget, or I end up making my eyes look squintier, and my skin is generally pretty healthy. So I go without. I do wear Burt's Bees tinted lip balm a lot, though, but not on this day. 
Confession #2: this was also the day that I was running errands aaaaand realized in the checkout lane that I'd left my wallet at home - I'd been trying to be all adult-like and responsible with budgeting and tracking expenses...HA! I got burnt. I remembered, though, that I'd put some gift cards in my pocketbook, so I could buy the bias tape I needed at JoAnn's. But nothing else. Well, I didn't spend any money, so there's that. Ugh

This boy
I'm loving our newish morning routine, and the fact that Levi has been regularly taking a two hour nap around 9:30. That's how I get the painting done, ha! When he wakes up, he's so happy!

We like to sing songs, cuddle and read books

His hair is finally starting to come in a bit more, and I think it looks reddish again - does anyone else see red?

This has been a big week for sure because someone has learned how to move. I can't leave him for a second anymore, and he is SO curious.

About evvvverrrrrryyyyyything, ha ha

I can hardly believe that he'll be ten months old in five days! 
Some days, I'm at peace and totally ready for it.
Other days, you can find me sobbing in the corner.

I think I'm excited about the changes that are coming, and I think I'm ready to have my bedroom back! But ask me in ten minutes and you may get a totally different answer...

Oh yeah, and I quit the big boy car seat.
But clearly someone is really too big for it.
Maybe we'll try again in another week or two. 

Happy {early} February 1st!
February, I'm ready for you!
I just created a Facebook page for 4 Sons Plus 1 - why, I don't know. Too much free time? ha ha
I'm still having an identity crisis I guess because I keep mulling over the idea of Celebrate the Everyday Things (which I LOVE too), but for now, it is what it is :)
Pop on over HERE and say hello!

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS that first picture of him is the most adorable ever. You have to have that printed out so you don't lose it. All your children are beautiful but that little Levi is just the sweetest. We have three grown sons - two married but NO grandchildren so I love seeing what you post about your children. I read to third graders and one class of 9 little boys that all have Autism every Thursday and it is the highlight of my week. Please keep posting pictures. I don't know how to post any other way but anonymously. One day I will learn.


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