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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday Randomness

It's eeeeaaarly Wednesday morning and I just got a text that we're having a two hour delay today because of last night's storm. It doesn't seem to be a very big one, but enough to make the roads dicey. Two hour delays are a-okay in my book. And it's Donut Wednesday, so no prep for me. It's also the one weekday that I make coffee...and share it with the boys. :) Honestly, I don't even know when this all started, but I can't remember ever not doing it.
For the past few months I've been watching two neighbor girls most days after school, but this week their Dad is out of town on business so they need to be here in the morning- yesterday I totally forgot...and answered the door in messy hair and pajamas. Oops. This morning should be interesting with the delay!
This one is completely random, but I have been so incredibly frustrated with Pinterest lately. Anyone else? The whole format is different, I never see pins from the people I follow anymore, and it's just, well, annoying. I think Pinterest and I may be entering that awkward relationship phase of staying together- for the time being- even though in your heart you really know it's over.

Since Christmas and New Year's, sewing orders have dwindled nearly completely. I think this happens every year, but this is probably the first year that I've been 100% happy/relieved/excited about that. Ha! I am incredibly grateful for the additional income Rose & Ruffle brings to our family, but I am wiped out. One last nightgown to finish, and I'm officially taking a break from the shop on Friday. I'm so ready for it! And to any of you reading who has supported me in any way, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Truly.
Another snow plow just rumbled by. Boy, are they loud! ha ha
Okay, two last things: 1. I have been putting off buying new sheets for well over a year now because I cannot stand the feel of sateen, and everything now seems to be either sateen or that silky brushed cotton. Ugh. Both my husband and I loathe that feeling. We are percale people through and through. I like my sheets crisp. I do not, however, intend to go bankrupt buying said sheets, so I'm wondering if anyone is also a loyal percale fan, and where you get sheets for around forty/fifty bucks. I feel like I have searched everywhere...and found nothing.

And 2. We are trying to revamp our bill-paying/important papers/household maintenance & purchases system a bit - any tips? Currently, we have a decorative file holder that houses monthly bills - we pay nearly everything online but still get mailed bills each month. I'm okay with this system, but the other papers are driving me nuts. I have tried to use those folded accordion type boxes for the important papers, but I fail. Every single time. Maybe a couple of folders, clearly labeled, in a desk drawer? I'm planning on putting up one or two shelves over our main desk, so maybe a couple of those boxes would work after all. There is too much clutter around me right now and it wears me down. Help! Share your bright ideas with me, pretty please! :)

Obviously it would be wrong of me to post this without any photos of my cute baby, so, you're welcome. ;)

He chews so cute! I can't even stand it!
 And though it's hard to capture on film, he makes this squishy face and it just about kills me. Ah, we love him so!

Oh, and PS: I think I will really regret not doing a better job of documenting those early days with Levi, so I'm creating new posts retroactively to fill in the gaps. If you follow along, you will be seeing some pretty odd smatterings of posts in the next few weeks, ha. Here is my first one . :)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE when you post pictures of Levi. He is so adorable. I so need a grandchild and there are none on the horizon so I live by your pictures. I bought sheets at IKEA. I only bought one set because I didn't know how I would like them. Turns out I love them and the more I washed them, the more I loved them. Just changed the sheets today and I cannot wait to crawl into bed tonight.

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