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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

 We're halfway through April AND it's Good Friday! How is time going by so fast this year?!
Sharing some favorites today with Erika, Narci and Andrea. :)

Spending time with our kids one-on-one is my favorite!
I love cultivating more meaningful relationships with my kids as they get older. Yes, the teenage years can be hard, but they also can be absolutely amazing.
Our eight grader, Caleb, gets up early on Friday mornings to attend his school's newly formed FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), which gives us about half an hour to kill in between other school drop-offs, so it's just him and me (and Levi!). We have fallen into a fun little routine where he pumps gas for me and then we get an iced coffee or something while chatting all the way back to school. IT isn't always easy, especially if Levi is still sleeping- which usually means he didn't sleep during the night- but it's always worth it.

Birthday parties are my favorite!
Our little guy turned one whole year old last week, and it was a party all week long! We threw him a Wild One Jungle Party over the weekend and I just love how everything came together.
If you want to read about it, the post is here.

Traditions are my favorite!
When our older boys were small, they attended a small Christian school, and every Good Friday was a half day so when I picked them up, we did something fun together. When we were homeschooling, and now that they go to a different school, we still kept our little Good Friday tradition going...and we will today, too!
Also, when I was a little girl, my Mom brought me fabric shopping and she made my Easter dress every year. That's a tradition I'm more than happy to carry on with my Isabelle. :) We picked out the cloth on Monday but with Levi teething so hard this week, I haven't had a chance to make her dress...better get going! This one is from two years ago, and it was one of my favorites of all all time! Aqua is her color! Now someone hold me as I look at how little my guys were and think about how big they are now. Time, you thief.

Spring weather is my favorite!
And all the people said Hallelujah!!!
Spring has finally sprung here in New England and we couldn't be more excited about it. This winter was so cold and so snowy and simply would not end. As of yesterday, there was one teensy patch of snow left in a dark corner by the pool fence BUT I've got a few peonies and crocuses popping up, and there are loads of buds forming on my rose bushes! Now to enjoy it all before the swarms of flies and mosquitoes hit town, the ticks are already here... #itsalwayssomething  ha ha

Easter weekend is my favorite!
Easter became much more real and alive to me as a college student, when I was living abroad in Spain, and I experienced all the processions and traditions of Holy Week -La Semana Santa. I wish we had something like that here in the US, or maybe there is (?) but certainly not here in the Northeast. I will never forget the solemnity of the Holy Thursday evening procession as men in chains passed through the streets and no one, not even the children, didn't utter a single word. It was amazing, and really emotional and meaningful, and God used it to speak to my heart about His loving sacrifice for us.
My pictures of my year in Spain are all packed away, but I'll just share this one:

My Easter Lily has just opened up and when I walk past the dining room I catch its wonderful fragrance. The scent reminds me of both my grandmothers because growing up, my Dad and I always brought them each an Easter Lily either on Palm Sunday or sometime during the week. I miss them both so much but I am thankful for God's promises and plan to see them again one day!

I hope you and yours have a lovely Easter weekend!

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