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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ten on Ten :: April 2017

It's the 10th of the month, which means it's time to document the day and find beauty in the ordinary.
I still cannot believe that my baby turned one five days ago!
We've had some intense nights and even days lately because molars and eye teeth are on the horizon, but really his sweet personality is just blossoming like crazy. He is a funny little guy! He loves to make you smile and laugh, and he doesn't miss a beat. He has learned pretty quickly how to work a crowd to get his way. #fifthchild #spoiled  :)

Case in point, ha ha ha
Such a silly boy!
This is our tradition, snapping a pic of the two of us in this mirror and capturing the background decor- we've done it for each of the seasons and for each holiday. I was trying to get birthday decorations before I took them down later in the day, but since moving the mirror (after finishing painting the dining room and living room!!!), I couldn't find the right angle!
(And since I've already written half of this post on a separate post because I got my days all mixed up, you may have already read a little about the hair fiasco- here is the new cut, bed head version anyway. It is SO short in the back. Sigh.)

The weather has begun to improve...finally!!!!!!...and we're making the most of it. I feel like I was in better shape four weeks postpartum than I am now. That's humbling. And not exactly what I'd been hoping for. But with warmer temps, I've been taking Levi for lots of walks recently and boy, am I huffing and puffing at the top of the hills. Yikes. I want to start running again, too, so I'll have to ease into it.
 At the top!
His striped socks crack me up- I chose the wrong pants and they rode up past his knees. Oops.
Almost home - that sun felt SO good after so many weeks of dark, dreary days.

I tried to get the floors vacuumed and cleaned, but that didn't happen.
I tried to catch up on laundry. That didn't happen either.
But this yummy salad happened!
I nearly choked I was eating so fast because that cute little someone in the background up there played happily for maybe ninety seconds before the crying ensued. So many tears, poor baby. Nothing makes him comfortable when his teeth are hurting him.
It was such a gorgeous afternoon, and since we haven't had too many, staying cooped up inside with a screaming baby was not exactly how I wanted to spend it. So I figured we would take a little trip to the park. I buckled him up in the van and thought maybe he'd fall asleep if I drove around first, with the windows down a bit, of course. But he didn't sleep. He didn't scream either, so, winning.

Look how cute! He hadn't been in a swing since last October! He was a little nervous at first.

Not pictured: the caramel frappe I picked up during said driving around. Don't even feel guilty about it, either.
Twenty minutes in, he was still wide awake, so I drove to the park, where I was planning on going anyway. I was shocked to find the fence all locked up. What?! Luckily, a fellow Mom came right over and offered to hold Levi while I hopped the fence. True story. But not pretty, ha ha.
It was so nice chatting with other people, another product of cold, snowy winters because we all hibernate inside our homes for months on end.

His giggles and squeals were music to my ears. Best sounds in the history of ever.

On the way home, I snapped a photo of the intersection where Ethan's accident happened last month. Geico will not pay up, even though the police report states that Ethan did nothing wrong and did not contribute to the accident. It has been so incredibly frustrating.
I was thinking that if I took some pictures of the area, then they could see that what their client is claiming is completely impossible. I'm not sure this one really shows anything, but the arrow is where his car got pushed off the road. This grown up stuff stinks sometimes.
 The other driver is lying about the details, and it's a little bit infuriating. Accidents happen, but do you really need to make up a new story every time you speak with the insurance people? Apparently, some people do. :/
At the end of the day, I trust in God to handle the details and my son was not injured. I know that's most important- I KNOW it is- but the whole situation is still maddening.

When Isabelle got home from school, I told her I was taking her out and to get in the van. We were getting new cloth for her Easter dress, tradition since I was a little girl. We finally found some and it's really cute. I need to get started asap! And I did not take any
It was 89 degrees out when we got back to the car and I needed to mail a few nightgowns and bonnets, so I went to a different drive-thru and got her an ice cold Coke. I never do that kind of thing but oh! did it taste awesome! I only had a sip, but she sucked that whole thing down in no time at all! Living large, I tell you. :)

Okay, well fussy boy is gearing up so off I go. It's halfway to Friday today! :)

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David Greer said...

Good a.m. Bethany. I love your blog and reading about your precious family. Levi looks just like Caleb to me. Main reason for commenting is your problem with Geico. A few years ago we had a similar problem with them. Although different circumstances, they refused to pay a legitimate claim. After 4 to 6 weeks I contacted the Insurance commissioner"s office. Geico called me that very day with honey dripping off their tongue! Our check arrived that same week. So discouraging to have to get to that point!!

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