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Thursday, May 4, 2017

One Year of Snuggles...and Selfies

It's Thursday night, almost 8:30, and I am ready for bed. Last night was so, so bad and I've been in a sort of fog all day. At least tomorrow's Friday!

Over this past year, a sort of selfie project emerged, all on its own, and now it's time to document since our first year is officially over. Yes, that totally just made my eyes water typing those words. This probably will just seem like a bunch of weird, blurry pictures to all of you, but to me, they mean the world. This mirror is in our dining room, and I'm not sure why, but I started taking our picture in front of it, and I noticed that my seasonal decorations showed up in the background. And I just thought that was such a neat way to document our very first year together. So here goes! Our year of snuggles and selfies...

This one is here because I love the way his cheek is pressed onto mine and his little tongue sticking out... never mind the gross mirror, please and thank you.

  (I'd already taken down the red hearts on the wall by the plate, darn it)

I feel like I need to defend myself a bit and tell the world that my hair is not as orange as it looks here. But I am still recovering from that awful cut on Levi's birthday party day. It's a liiiittttttle bit better now. Maybe. :/

And when Easter came this year, we reached the end of our special holiday selfies. Now he waves at himself in the mirror and it's about the cutest thing everrrr.

It's so fun to see how he changed from teeny baby to grabbing at the mirror and then waving at himself. He has such personality, that's for sure!

These last few are my favorites, too...favorite snuggles and smooches. This boy likes to show affection, ha!

I remember this was St. Patrick's Day and he kissed me all day long!

Apparently my selfie game is strongest when I'm wearing pajamas or a nightgown. Sorry about that, but nothing indecent, I promise.
I think I'm actually wearing a shirt in the pic directly below, ;)

It fills my heart with such joy, but also makes it hurt a little bit looking at all these pictures. I have tried to savor and to be present and to soak it all in, and I feel like I have, but it's all just going by so fast.

Okay, lastly, I've been so thankful for all the recent orders at Rose & Ruffle, so I thought I'd do a giveaway. I'm just a Mom who loves to be creative and make pretty things for people, and I don't aspire to have a big business or a professional brand or anything like that, but this little shop has been good to us and I want to say THANK YOU! Find me on Instagram @roseandruffle and follow along for details! I'll post there tomorrow. I think I said I was going to tonight, but I'm too tired! Oops. Have a great night!

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