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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Catching Up

June is flying by and I haven't been posting as often as I'd hoped. I learned my lesson last year...having to go back and "recreate" is really not any fun at all.

We had some family birthdays to celebrate earlier in the month. My brother's birthday is the 7th, Bill's is the 8th, and my aunt's is on the 9th. Plus, the 6th marked five years since her husband, my Uncle Harry, died. On the one hand, it feels like it was just last month, and then on the other, like it was nearly a lifetime ago. Time is a strange thing, that's for sure. I miss my uncle. I have lots of special memories with him and my aunt and my cousins.

I made arrangements with my in-laws to come over and play with the kids while I took Bill out for Chinese food and a long walk in our favorite local park. I had really wanted to head to the beach or to the mountains, but when you only have three hours tops, and it takes an hour to get to each place... you stay local and make the best of it. :)

Neither of us was feeling our selfie mojo that night, so I'm not even going to post our attempts, ha ha. But we had a nice time.

Classic cheesecake with cherry topping (and whipped cream)- his favorite!
Normally I add a chocolate layer, but that's more for me because I like it that way. Not this time, this was all for him.

Here's the face you get when you tell him "no more treats."
ha ha ha ha

There happened to be awards night at the high school that night as well, so we headed out for that, just what everyone wants to do on their birthday, right? It was kind of a mess, and they could have cut the time in half, but it just dragged on and on and ooooonnnnn. I ended up taking Levi home when he couldn't contain himself any longer.

Looking as concerned as ever because there are way too many people for his comfort level. :)

 I had taken this monkey out into the hallway when Bill comes running after me... "Ethan's award, you missed it!" Ugh. I was not amused.

I didn't even get a picture of him with his award. Boo.
I cannot fathom the idea that he will be leaving home so soon. And to think, this had originally been his senior year! He has come a long way since that awful concussion, but truthfully, he is forever changed- he will have to contend with some issues for the rest of his life, mainly the increased possibility of secondary concussions from events that would not harm a "normal" person (happened already), and certain motions that trigger his symptoms. But he is well and recovered and we are so thankful.
So handsome, too, and friendly and respectful and smart...just an all-around great person.

Except a little forgetful sometimes. We brought him his lunch on this day, but we didn't mind. :)

We'd been enjoying the beautiful morning outside. Why does my baby look like he has the legs of a four year old here? I know they're long, but, really!

There have been so many wonderful summery days and evenings, which make it such a tease when you have to go to bed and get up for school in the morning. Two more days!

I'm going to have to try to get a better picture of his little pucker! Cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on!
Yet somehow the closer the wand gets, the lip purse disappears and the mouth wide open emerges. So funny.

Lots of time in and around the pool. I admit, it is a lot of work to maintain a pool, but I like that there is always something fun to do in our own backyard.

Sometimes all that swimming tuckers a little guy out and he just wants to rest his head on Mama's face. loooooove.
And I'm sure I am 100% biased, but does he not have the most perfect little head?! I still try to inhale baby smell when I snuggle up against that head, but it is long gone. Why can't baby smell stick around for at least a couple years?

Recently, we've had sweltering days when you can't even breathe because the humidity is so thick and heavy, so we play inside.
Of course he never stays on the towel, and then the tiles get all wet and poor little guy slips all around, which he thinks is fun...until all of a sudden it isn't. Then he's done!

Levi still shows zero desire to walk on his own. He doesn't really even like standing all that much. If he were my first baby, I think I'd be completely worried. But he isn't, and I'm not. ;)

We had to bring Caleb in for physical therapy for some back issues, poor guy. It was pouring buckets this day, and we nearly slipped walking through the puddly parking lot. Flips flops and inches of water aren't such a great pair! Levi did a great job, considering this first visit was more than an hour.
Even still, we opted for drop offs after that. ;)

This is what happens when you have a fan base everywhere you go. Someone holds you and someone else props up blankies to give you shade. Those afternoon ball games are no joke at some of the fields where there is NO shade. Whew!

And now I hear someone calling...gotta go! Here are a couple last pics of some serious cuteness. Have a great day!

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