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Monday, June 12, 2017

Ten on Ten :: June 2017

We are heading to the finish line, maybe limping a bit. ;) 
Ten more days of school.
I'm sure there's so much valuable learning going on right now.

We had a really busy but fun weekend, and the weather got hot hot hot so when we've been home, it has been out back in the pool. I'm looking forward to some fun pool parties this summer. 
Saturday was the 10th, and someone was not terribly thrilled to have to stop and have his diaper changed before heading downstairs for breakfast. #roughlife

Since it was Saturday, the day began the way 99.9% of all Saturdays begin: Daddy makes waffles. Perfection.

Big changes were about to happen for him and me. Big.
I knew this would be the very last time to snap some pictures of him playing in his crib tucked in the nook of our bedroom, so we played in here together for a long while and I savored every moment.
Levi is still obsessed with the law of gravity. :)

Checking on the flowers and plants in our front yard for a few minutes. I planted a couple other Hydrangea bushes last week and I'm thrilled with how they all look in front of our house.

Daddy took the older kids to the library, Ethan was at work, and I worked on a cute little outfit for Levi for the 4th of July after getting Levi settled for a nap.

After lunch, time for baseball. We were trailing by quite a bit but then had a couple of great innings, which closed the gap considerably. We lost 11-7, but then yesterday (Sunday) we won 8-4. Go Caleb!

After baseball, we had a graduation party to attend. I was taking notes, believe me, for next year when I have to go through it...I mean, when we get to celebrate Ethan. ;) My friend did such a great job with the party and I'll definitely be asking her for advice! 
Someone may or may not have screamed when it was time to step out of the car, ha ha.
Look how happy he is (while driving anyway)! So cute!

Then back home for another swim - we were so hot and it had been an action-packed day!
Silly me thought this was going to be a fun, somewhat relaxing summer. Umm, clueless maybe!
I will be sweating profusely as I corral and bodyguard this little guy. Oops. Maybe next summer? I had to keep him out of the pool area entirely if I wasn't in the water with him, and this is what he does watching everyone swim- he peg-leg crawls to the fence and puts his little face right up to the bars. It's both adorable and kind of sad.

Only a morning nap today, so feeling a little worn out.
I am in love with the little swirls of hair coming in. What is it about baby heads in general? Can't get enough!

And this.
I will write a post later and share more pics of his sweet room.
It still feels strange at night. I can go in my room and turn on any light I want after 7:15 pm!

We were prepared for the worst. I had Isabelle sleep over at my parents in case he cried all night, which he did Friday night.
But on this night?

He slept so well! He only cried when he needed a diaper change in the middle of the night, poor baby- his tummy had been bothering him, and I figured that would help. He woke up in the best mood!

Change is so very hard, and some things just feel much harder than others.
But we felt that it was finally time, even though I thought it was time back in February, for a variety of reasons, we just couldn't go through with the move then. It didn't feel right, but this time it did. He seems really happy to be in there!

And that was a snippet of our busy weekend...what did you do?

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