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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ten on Ten :: July 2017

Monday was the 10th, so I'm sharing ten pictures from our day. It was a very busy and full one!
I love having these posts and looking back on them. I always think I will remember all the details, and I just don't, so I'm glad to capture these moments of our life. 
 A super early morning, and I couldn't get him back to sleep.
He was wired but not super happy...look at that furrowed brow, ha!

 Our big adventure for the day was to drive to Maine to spend the day at York's Wild Animal Kingdom. We had lots of fun!

 I don't know why I have a slightly deranged look on my face, but Levi was semi-happy about riding on the long as he was in my lap and not on a horse.
 To hear her talk, you'd have thought she just stepped off the world's biggest, scariest roller coaster ride, ha ha! So, so funny! I'm glad she had such a nice time. We were getting tired and sticky hot midday, so we got ice cream and sat on a picnic table in the shade.  She went on the kiddie coaster once or twice more and then down an alpine slide a couple times, and we called it a day. 

Crossing back into New Hampshire. I've loved this bridge since I was a little girl.
Which is extremely odd, as I am terrified of most bridges. Terr-i-fied. ha ha

Signs of a good day.
 He was out before we'd even left the parking lot. Little guy was wiped out!
 Oh he would kill me if he knew I was posting this!
It probably doesn't mean a thing to anyone else in the world, but it means the world to me.
He was at his grandparent's house for dinner and he was sending these random and rather hilarious snaps. Then of course he was asking for stuff. Typical. #teenagers ha ha ha

Watching the homerun derby and reading a bit before calling it a night.

Not pictured: we had a late dinner, and then it was my turn to host Craft Night, so it was a bit of a mad rush in there. I was so thankful Levi went to bed without fussing, and with all the noise- these craft ladies are LOUD! My aunt made a cake for our friend's birthday, so we celebrated her before everyone left. Caleb and Bill had been up in our room watching the derby, because now that there's not a baby in there at night, you can do that. (Exactly one month ago, Levi slept in his own room for the very first time and did great. It has taken me this entire month to begin to get used to our new arrangement. Change is so hard.)

  Jonah has been in Atlanta for FCA soccer camp and training since Sunday, so I've missed him- he comes home Thursday night! Hope you're having a great start to the week as well!

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