Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

First Day of School!

First off, it's so hard to post something a bit trivial when so many are suffering in Texas right now. Praying for them, and I'm happy to see so many outreach opportunities, so we will be deciding how we can help as a family in the next day or so.

Well, today was the day.
Three in high school, one entering middle school, still elementary, but physically located in the middle that keeps her little for a while longer, right?...
And the baby? All mine! For a few years anyway.

You know what happens when your three teen boys head off to high school for the very first time together?
I'll tell you what doesn't happen: the beloved obligatory First Day group picture, that's what doesn't happen.

Caleb was a good sport and smiled for me without threat or bribery. Hence he shall be my favorite from this day forward. :) 
I hope he has the BEST year!

Jonah is a junior this year! 

And the official countdown to college for Ethan has begun.
Some days I'm totally fine with it, other days, I'm a hot mess.

This big girl is off to the FIFTH grade! How on earth!?!
She wanted to wear something I made for her, so she chose this top. It's so cute in person.

That hair! Love love love!

Straight out of a magazine ad! You can see the lace detail on the front, too. 
And she's wearing the necklace that Jonah made for her last year. :)

Everyone had a good day. That's always such a relief to a Mama's heart, no matter how old your kids get. I pray that each one of them continues to be bold and courageous in their faith, to choose kindness, and to work hard to achieve their goals. I love them so, so much.
While the big kids are away, the even bigger kids- plus a baby- will play. Last year, we didn't end up going anyplace fun because it was still Team No Sleep for us and we were beat. But this year... we had a blast! I'll post about tomorrow!

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