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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Finding our Back to School Groove

 Spoiler alert: We're still looking for it.

We've been back just over a week now, but between starting midweek and then Labor Day, we haven't exactly eased into much of a routine yet.

This guy keeps me running all the livelong day, like usual.

 And has recently discovered the immeasurable joys of putting in
Why is this so appealing to babies? Whyyyyyy?

 This one is forever drawing and reading before bed.

I may have already posted this but I'm tired and can't remember... we decided to do Mommy-Daughter pedis the night before school started. I used to dream of moments like these, and I know I take them for granted far too often.

I wrote about our tradition of having a special day date in this post.
This was from the next day, when I was going solo. Some mornings, Ethan has early classes and drives his brothers to school, and I drive the other days. This was an other day.

I know Isabelle can handle caring for Levi for a few minutes, and if he'd still been sleeping, I'd have left him. But he was wiiide awake, so I popped him in the van with me and off we went to the high school. It was a gorgeous fall-like morning, so we exchanged a few smooches in the front yard when we got back.

Last year, Caleb had the later start, and now it's Isabelle's turn. We've had fun so far!

Standing like a big boy!!
Typical commotion and mayhem

Isabelle wanted a selfie with Mom =)

This was Senior Breakfast morning, and I was bringing in two quiches. I'd thrown them together early early- I was going to make them the night before, but then reconsidered because I didn't want them to be stone cold. Anyhoo. Look at this little stud muffin in his plaid shirt. It was quite the juggling act to get him and the quiches inside all in one piece...jogger to the rescue!

Levi was getting sleepy but I'm trying (in vain) to move his naptime past ten in the morning, so we stopped in to visit my Mom. Her hydrangea is in full bloom and it is spectacular this year. My Dad and I stood beside it for pictures twenty years ago on my wedding day! (Yesterday was our anniversary, I'll post about that soon.)
Loved this teeny multi-colored leaf from the yard

This boy. All the heart eyes.

I got quite a lot of sewing and housework done because Levi had a stellar nap that day. Don't you love low-key but super productive days like that?

We were up and at 'em early the next day as well. Groceries and laundry were done by 9:30.
I thought this view looked so cute. :)

I also thought I'd get a bunch more stuff done during naptime.
Except that was not in the cards that day.
 I posted this on my stories on Instagram
( I'm @bethanylivs_life if you want to find me there.)

Apparently a little baby yoga solves any problem. He was a bit happier later in the day.
Thank goodnesssssss!!!

Hanging out on the sun porch is still one of favorite things to do. I'll be so sad when it's too cold to be out here anymore.

And that's a wrap on the first few days of school. It's now nearly a week later, and things feel slightly more normal. If that could ever be said about this household, ha ha.

It's practically Friday already and I'm going to celebrate with a cup of hot tea, listen to the sound of the rain  (came out of nowhere an hour ago), and read a little. Perfect kind of cool and rainy night.

Happy early weekend!

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