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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Levi Lately

This boy. He has stolen my heart in every way imaginable. I find myself lamenting often, "aw, last year at this time, he was such a little baby, and now he's such a big boy." I don't know why, but summer didn't have that affect on me the way fall is now. Last fall he was just five and six months old, a terrible (TERRIBLE!) sleeper/napper, but so sweet and wonderful. And this fall he just seems so big. Well he is big, on his way to a year and a half old. #holdme

But time doesn't stop, or even slow down. What a privilege for me to experience all these firsts again, and try to savor it all. I realized I hadn't been taking pictures with a "real" camera- phones are just so convenient!- so I'm sharing some of these taken with my Nikon. That will help limit the number of photos, too. I probably take thousands each month. And I don't regret it, either!

Levi now stands for long periods of time but still has not settled into walking. He much prefers to walk holding onto our fingers or simply scoot everywhere with his funny little foot/knee crawl. However, he mastered the steps out back a little bit ago, only he is obsessed with sitting on a step and bending down at the waist until his face is nearly level with the tread. He knows it scares me, so maybe that's what's so thrilling to him? Who knows. But he is quite the climber these days and I'm having a terrible time teaching him to only climb the bottom few stairs inside the house. Wooden stairs. Yikes. I haven't found a gate that works well and I have multiple heart attacks everyday.

I think he thinks that's funny, haha.

Rock obsessed

Evidence of a stair mishap right here. It was out front on granite steps. Yikes.

Levi is a pretty great eater, most of the time anyway. I've learned that he doesn't care much for lunch, which works out well because his nap is transitioning somewhat from early morning to midday. So around 1 or 1:30, we have a light "lunch." This day was a yummy grilled cheese sandwich, but normally it's something smaller.

He's going through a phase where he loathes sticky or crumbly things on his palms. Sometimes there's a bit of drama. :)

Levi is developing his silly side. He knows he's being clever and cute, and it's so fun to see him make connections with how his actions are making the people around him laugh. Here we are just playing around, probably before nap time. He grabs his lovey when he's getting tired. One of the best things I ever made right there, I should use this picture in the listing in my shop- look at the love on his sweet face for his little lovely!

Becoming quite transfixed with all things buttons and snaps. I adore his curiousness. And those tummy rolls. I'm dying.

Time for some games. How big is Levi?

And the itsy bitsy spider, his all time favorite.

What would you call his hair color? Sometimes it's quite blonde, other times it looks more strawberry blonde or even ginger. It's really filling in now with some wave and quite a few little curls on the ends. I can't wait to see what it becomes!

That face tells me play time is over, time for sleepies.

I'm going to have to do a post on just him sleeping because it makes me smile more than just about anything in the world. The way he pushes his little face up into the pillows and contorts that little body gets me every time. And this bottom's up pose is quite new. I'm so smitten. :)

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