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1 Corinthians 3:17

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Personal Goals for The New Year

We're three weeks in.
It was a great beginning, but things took a downward spiral quickly when we all got sick (still recovering, ugh), and now I'm in that post-holiday-sick-of-winter funk.
But it's okay. I don't have to throw in the towel, admit defeat, or hang my head in shame. I get to keep trying, keep working towards my goals, and that's a good thing!

So here they are:

1. Spend more time reading and studying the Word

2. Pray for my children and husband with specific and intentional petitions, not just broad "generic" ones

3. Continue to move my body and fuel it with the best nutrition

4. Invite more friends and families over for coffee, play dates, big name it!

5. Dream more. No, really. Dream big crazy dreams.

Interestingly enough, or maybe not, HA, these were quite similar to my goals for 2017. So how did I do last year?

I wanted to do some specific Bible studies last year, and they did not happen. I also was lacking in the reading Scripture department, big time, which has such a huge impact on my day to day life. I still feel extremely unsettled at our "new/old" church, but I'm really craving interaction and friendship and all that, so I'm just going to reach out to a few friends and see about doing our own study a couple times a month. I've also committed to reading the Bible in one year, and I've been doing well so far.

My prayer life still needs work. Some days/weeks I feel on fire, and others, well, barely dim.

Ha, don't ask me about my fitness goals THIS week! Earlier I shared that I felt more in tune with my body and more in shape right after Levi was born, and then as time went on (and sleep got nixed for over a year) I fell into bad habits and my self esteem suffered. I'm doing better. My family gave me a FitBit for my birthday, and I love it! Turns out I'm very competitive with it, ha ha. Now I need to take the time and effort to eat better, and stop snacking on junk!

I think we did well in the hospitality department, and I'd like to keep that momentum going. There's just something so special about coming together and sharing what's going on in your life with friends.

I admit that I get stuck a lot lately. In my own head. Life is complicated, isn't it? I mean, it isn't, but it so is. And relationships. Talk about complicated! I seem to be in a season where past hurts keep coming to mind, and it's hard to get past them. And then it's hard to dream about anything, really, because I'm just plain stuck. I suppose I need to pray more about this one.

So anyway, those are my goals for the year. Do they resonate with anyone else? Does anyone even read this blog anymore? It's been so hard to keep up with everything, but I'm trying! :)

And of course, every New Year I treat myself to one or two new plants to celebrate new beginnings, and to help get me through these dreary winter days. The cats devoured the poor African Violet, but the pink one is doing well. For now. ;)

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