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1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Little Life Lately

I haven't uploaded any pictures from today, (oops! it's now super early morning the next day as I finish this...) but when I do, no hats or winter coats were anywhere to be seen, which is not the case from last week and in the photo below. It was GLORIOUS!!! We played outside for a long while, jumping in puddles, scooping snow and just soaking up all the warm, fresh air.

Since I basically live at the grocery store, he seems to have made peace about it. Silly boy!

You know the French Bread that comes in the paper? Turned my back for two seconds and this one already had a mouthful. #carbjunkie

It certainly hasn't been all sunshine and roses here lately. Honestly, it has been SO stressful. College is probably the main source of angst these days, and it seems completely overwhelming. This rising sun really spoke to my heart that morning and reminded me that these things pass, and what's important remains.

Speaking of college, things will be so different in the fall. I'm committing all these moments to memory the best I can.

Poor baby- a cold turned into ear infections and pneumonia, so yet another Sunday we had to miss church. Isabelle seems to be the only one to keep the germs at bay this year. Rough season, ugh.

Finally feeling better - aren't my guys so handsome!?!

I didn't even know this was all blurry until I uploaded it here...oops! Just having a little fun while taking pictures for passports. Big plans in the works, and I cannot wait! I'll share soon!

This just makes me laugh. He has the BIGGEST obsession with chap sticks, ha ha ha

Our weekends and several week nights were filled up with practices and games. Play offs were last weekend- one nail biting win, and then a hard, sad loss for Isabelle's team. Caleb had fun but his team didn't make it very far. (This was the game they lost- Levi and Daddy left at halftime, but first he ran around the court and looked so tiny out there. The cutest thing I ever did see.)

So nice to have Saturday mornings back! Daddy makes waffles and these two play play play. I love it!
Oh! And see that pretty new rug? It's a Better Homes and Gardens one from WalMart, and it has the most gorgeous colors in it. That addition prompted me to make some changes in our office/sewing/music room, and that space is allllmost finished. I'll share soon!

Today is Wednesday, which means it's donuts and coffee (pink milk for the little ones). I can't even remember when this tradition started, but it's been a fun one to look forward to each week. Have a great day! :)

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