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Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Weekend

Hi everybody! Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating Easter with your friends and families! Our weekend was filled to the brim with little family things, the things I hope my children will look back on and smile when they're all grown up.

It was pretty cold and windy over the weekend, but it wasn't raining- or it is RIGHT NOW!!!- and a bright and sunny Easter weekend just feels so right, ya know? This was early Saturday morning- it was dreary and cloudy but suddenly the sun popped out and you know how much I love those beams streaming through my windows. I was hoping that lily would open up during the day...and it did!

I decided to try something new this year. Glad I did, but we'll be sticking to our regular bright, colorful store-bought dyes, thankyouverymuch. I really dislike throwing away all that food and wasting all the spices. 

My Mom stopped by for a spring fashion show with Isabelle. :)
This dress is for the cruise!

Poor girl didn't even have a pair of shorts to her name for this year. I didn't buy ahead like I normally do because I didn't know if she was going to have another major growth spurt like last year. She did not. So she's still in the same sizes, which is fine by me! Aren't these colors so pretty?!

Daddy brought home this gem because Levi has been saying pee pee and acts somewhat interested in using the potty. I'm not holding my breath, ha ha.

Reading stories with Mimi. Levi started calling her "Mim," sounds like Meem, last week and it's hysterical.

Jonah and Ethan were at work all morning and into the afternoon, so I was cleaning and getting things ready, and finishing Isabelle's dress...take TWO. I had second thoughts about the first dress I made. It will be adorable this summer, but I just wasn't feeling it for Easter Sunday. I talked her into a super easy pattern, and thankfully it did come together quite quickly. She looked cute!

It got so windy in the afternoon, and I was annoyed because I am so over winter. This might look like a fun, happy little picture but it really wasn't. #trustme

Anyhoo. After we got home from our walk and shooting hoops, we made Resurrection Rolls together and planned to talk about the meaning, and eat them for dessert.

He surprised me by going slowly and being neat. I thought he'd be flinging spoonfuls of cinnamon sugar all over, so that was a fantastic surprise!


Another not-so-fine moment of mine. Honestly, several things had been bugging me, and then the older kids didn't follow directions (and I didn't check them over, so my fault, too) and gross burning sugar was ALL OVER my baking sheet from the marshmallow leaking out. It smelled so bad. 

 They turned out fine, though. I thought this one looked a little like the tomb.

The tomb is empty! Hallelujah!

Oh yeah. The smell of burning sugar has got nothing on the smell of boiling cabbage leaves. GROSS. The eggs didn't even turn color, so I stunk the place up for nothing!

After dinner was eaten and cleaned up, Ethan headed out and I got some more things ready for the next day. I was in charge of desserts at both parents' dinners, so I had lots to bake. I made Lemon Squares and a Lemon Coconut Bundt Cake, and our favorite Crumb Coffee Cake for a no-fuss breakfast. At least our house was smelling much better than before, and after putting Levi to bed, we sacked out on the big sofa and watched a movie together.

Easter morning! He is risen!

I don't do an egg hunt every year, but this year I did. I even made clues to some money eggs, ha! to make it more fun for the older kids. Ethan thought this was too beneath him, so he was pretty laid back about it all, ha. Most had dollar bills and change, but one had a five in it, so they ran around looking for that one for a bit. There was also an egg with a cross on it, and that was for our family offering for the special offering at church. It was fun. :)

Isabelle's wall art :)

Someone was raring to go...even after another not-so-great night. This Mama is TIRED!

I tried to make pink eggs by boiling down frozen raspberries, but as soon as they got rinsed off, the color vanished. These were the only ones that worked- coffee, turmeric, and frozen blueberries. I tried!

The kids kept giving him candy, ugh, and now he assumes that his saying "pweease" results in being handed over a piece of chocolate. Double ugh. He calls them all "coo-kies" which is irresistibly adorable.
 Nom nom

All spiffy and semi happy looking. Love them so.

Look at his poor red nose. So cold!

I had no idea he had smiled like that until I saw the picture after. ha ha ha ha

Our ONE family picture. Kinda wish I had asked someone other than my brother-in-law...we have legs, promise.

We got home and I had Caleb take a picture of Isabelle, Levi and me, but the wind had picked up and was blowing my dress way too high up, so... not sharing that with the world. But take a look at this dapper little man. That's one of the bow ties I made before he was born, and now look at him!
 All the heart eyes for this boy!

We were chilling for a few minutes, and this handsome guy joined us.

Then he read stories. :)

Levi took an early nap and Isabelle dusted the lemon bars with powdered sugar. With bunny ears, of course, ha ha!

Dinner, Round One

This is funny only to family probably because this horse has been around since my husband was a baby... I think he was showing Levi how it's done, but then again, he may have just wanted to sit down somewhere. ha ha ha

Herding cats. I mean, taking a picture of the seven grandkids.

There wasn't a good spot to take the photo so the angle is weird, but everyone is facing forward, so...winner!

Dinner, Round Two. Who still feels full after yesterday? I promised myself not to touch any candy today, but it's cold and depressing outside, so that is HARD for me when I'm feeling listless and just kind of ugh.

These two. I admit I worry about what it will be like without Ethan here, but worry never helps or even changes anything. I'm trying to remember that.

Silly Grampy and Isabelle

I didn't take any pictures of the grandkids with either set of parents, either. Mom fail! But we had a good, good day. :)

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Terra Heck said...

You're right, worry changes nothing.
It's been so long since I've had lemon bars. Now I'm craving some after reading about them.
I love the idea of having an Easter egg filled with the offering money for church.

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