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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

Handpicked from my littlest love. #allthehearteyes

We got lots of (much needed) rain over the weekend, but the sun popped out a little bit here and there. Nothing beats playing with Daddy in the backyard.

Poor bug got poison ivy last week and it's fiiiiinally going away. We have no idea how it even happened! You can see some of the spots on his cheek and chest. :(  We also learned that he can drink just fine from a water bottle or a cup- didn't know that before he begged me for mine and I let him have it, ha ha.

She decorated this shirt all by herself for the school assembly. Too bad she doesn't look happy about it, right? ;)

I joined the garden club in our town and helped out with the biggest plant sale fundraiser of the year on Friday and Saturday. I was in HEAVEN surrounded by all those gorgeous colors and blooms. There are so many nice ladies (and some men) there and it always feels good to meet new people doing something you love.

Isabelle noticed two birds flitting around one of our arborvitaes and sure birds! I'm always amazed by how quickly baby birds grow. In just a few days they already have little feathers. There are four sparrows. :)

 I wrote on Instagram that all I could think when I carried this to our neighborhood party was Baby's "I carried a watermelon." HaHaHa


Someone was living his best life on this hammock at the party :)

It was almost a pool day :) Temps are supposed to soar again so we may have a real pool day soon!

I thought Jonah's last day of work was Saturday night... he got really sick with flu-like symptoms on Thursday and was pretty much out of commission most of the weekend, so it didn't much matter. Then I found out his actual last day is today, soooo we just celebrated a little early. He starts his new job later this week! It was GOOD. Maybe I should blog the recipe?? I've tweaked it a bit over the years and it's always a hit.

Ethan showed him how to squirt himself in the face, and he LOVED it. ha ha ha

 Cutest little helper

Isabelle's whole week is made because I finally let her watch The Greatest Showman, ha ha. I must say, I was VERY conflicted about the movie seeing it the first time, but this second time, I enjoyed it much, much more. Go figure! Hope you had a nice weekend! Anything exciting happen?

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Terra Heck said...

Those flowers are pretty. I don't have a green thumb, at all.
Awww...those baby birds!
I really like that hammock.

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