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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big Day For Caleb

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Can't believe my baby boy just turned...7 years old!

Earlier Caleb had requested "You Rock!" on his cake, to which I replied, "Um, I don't think so..."

Well, the frosting was getting low and I wasn't about to make more, and I quickly figured out that Happy Birthday had too many letters. So C-man got his wish, and he does in fact ROCK! :)

I feel a little bad that it's such an uneventful cake, but I just didn't have it in me. Caleb loved it, so that's all that matters.

Cute little goodie bags for the boys- I try not to make everything Christmas-y for Caleb's birthday, but these adorable bags were super cheap, and they looked so bright and cheery.
I was hoping to find little magnifying glasses, as this was an ADVENTURE themed par-tay, but no such luck. We went with non-traditional flavored candy canes (yuck in my humble opinion, BTW), a set of mini-glowsticks, and Christmas pencils. I'm sure that isn't terribly exciting to a little kid, but I tried.

I have to laugh at this, my first attempt at a group shot
Hmmm, let's try again...
There we go!

I asked them for a crazy pose- so Caleb and his friends are obviously into spreading peace; suddenly there was lots of volume, much yelling; some other pals are much more laid back than my crew; and then there's Jonah- ahh, that's my boy! CCCRRRRRAAAAAAAZZZZZZY! Ha!

Pizza time!
Make a wish Caleb!
He had to blow again to get those last 2- we won't tell the wish people!
Oh how I love this boy!!!!!!!

I was seriously wishing that I had another arm and hand at this point- I was videotaping while my good friend Sarah- thank you Sarah!- was snapping photos for me. I don't even have photos of Caleb opening gifts, or the awesome scavenger hunt/obstacle course (obstimal, according to C, ha ha ha) we did in The Pit (basement), or even the geyser explosions we did outside with Mentos and Coke, which, by the way, were so incredibly fun! Some of the Dads had arrived by this point, and they were as excited as the little kids! So much fun! I was thrilled that the sun was shining and it was such a gorgeous day to celebrate my baby boy's big day!

Be proud of me..I'm becoming a bit more computer savvy, or rather, a little less UNsavvy!  Of course I can't get the link to show the pic, but it does work.  The video is kinda long, but I can't figure out how to edit it!  That has to be tomorrow's assignment because I'm already spent!

And lastly, as tradition stands, it was time for our Birthday Festival of Lights Tour. Bill still picks up each pajama-clad kiddo to bring them out to the heated car, so cute. Only this year was the first time he couldn't just sweep them up in his arms like he used to- he actually had to prepare a bit before he scooped, ha! Those gorgeous boys are getting SO big! Poor Isabelle, she was getting very upset each time Daddy left, without her, no matter how many times I reassured her that Daddy would be back for her. She had had it! And with the excitement of this time of year in general, plus the 2 birthdays (hers is on Tuesday!), and no nap, she was about done! We brought out the hot cocoas for everyone -all except for Isabelle Kate, who prefers regular chocolate milk instead- and then of course there incident. Caleb had broken open his glow stick and had that goo (which even though it says Non-Toxic...yeah, right) all over his hands, his pants, and the seat. Argh. It's always something. I suppose we now can say that we have festive, glittery car upholstery in the spirit of the season. Anyway, we drove all over town to see all the beautiful lights. There was one house that literally took my breath away. Fanstastic! Not a fantastic electric bill, I bet, but we sure enjoyed their display! Isabelle livened up once she saw all the pretty lights, and kept telling us that she saw pretty lights! Over, and over, and over....It was a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Caleb! We love you so much!


Julie said...

This is awesome Bethany. What an amazing mother you are!

Terri Anne said...

What a fun tradition, and looks like a great birthday party. You're such a great Mom.

jenn said...

yes, looks really crazy, but fun! Happy Birthday Caleb!

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