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1 Corinthians 3:17

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrating Isabelle

Today is our darling girly girl's 3rd birthday!  I can hardly believe it!  As with many other adoptive mothers, mainly those who missed the first months of their children's lives, and in our case a very long and agonizing 18 months, I must train my mind and my heart to focus on the wonderful things that we have shared and the marvelous things to come.  Sometimes it isn't easy.  That emptiness lingers.  Those dark spots remain.

But not today.

Today we are celebrating this 4th little miracle to enter into our family, our cherished and beloved Isabelle Kate.  Happy Birthday my darling girl!  We love you more than we could ever express!  You are a beautiful, smart, funny, talented, and incredibly vivacious little girl, and I am so honored to be your Mama.  ~Te quiero, mi amor~

This was right before we found out that God had created us for you, and you for us

One of my favorite pics of the first time I met you - 8 1/2 months old
You had been jibber-jabbering to me all day long
And you hugged me as if you knew exactly who I was

That was truly a miracle!

This was our early Christmas in 2007, when your Daddy first met you

Happy 1st Birthday Sweetie!
We celebrated with you in spirit that day!

And here you are now!
Such a big girl!

Happy 3rd Birthday
my gorgeous Sweet Pea

Your Mama adores you!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to your precious angel! What a sweet post! May the next year be filled with blessings and wonderful memories!!!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle! Enjoy your special day with your beautiful daughter.

Erika said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle! She is so precious! What a beautiful blessing!

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle. I really enjoyed seeing all of your pictures!!!

Shelby said...

Oh that is so sweet! I can tell you just adore her!!!

Merry Christmas to you too! :)

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Armstrong's said...

Happy (Belated!) Birthday! Such sweet pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

jenn said...

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday! What a sweetie and a true blessing!

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