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Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Living Rooms

It has been such a long time since I've participated in one of Kelly's Korner hops, but they're always so much fun~ there's something so neat about getting to peak inside other people's homes that you'd never ordinarily have the chance to...or maybe I'm just perpetually nosy, ha!  I've discovered some of my very favorite blogs through this, so I'm happy to be participating again, and I'm so glad you've stopped by!
This is to the left of the door as you enter the room- the walls look very white here; they're more 'creamy' in person

Oh drat!  My poor, poor naked fireplace looks!  You'll have to come back and visit because that is our very next project!
This is standing in the kitchen at the doorway ~ that's my childhood Raggedy Ann doll my Mom made sitting fireside

These are my very favorite faces to look at!

Looking at this runner makes my heart so happy- my oldest son, Ethan, made it for me!
He measured, cut, ironed and hand-stitched the hems, under the watchful eye of Mimi (my Mom) I'm sure!  I just love it!

This chest of drawers is special, too- my Dad made it for his parents in Maine the year I was born; they lived in a teeny, tiny trailer, so space was a precious commodity.  This is very "skinny" and tall, and fits perfectly in just about any corner!  Right now it houses extra tablecloths and napkins and such.

We bought these cute little trains up in Boothbay Harbor several years ago (that's where my Dad's family is from), and then I got the letters right after Caleb was born.  Now we need an "I" to complete the ensemble!
I have several different bunches of flowers for the many holidays throughout the year~ I love the rich, autumn colors!

  And here's where it gets more...humbling!
You can see I'm doing away with pretenses here, as I've left out the fitness ball, the stack of books on the coffee table, the messes all over the book shelves~ at least I closed up the armoire!
Those bright little spots in front of the window are one of my middle son's songbird collection and the 'messes' are mountains of photos waiting to be organized somehow (4 kiddos = LOTS of photos!!)

This new little guy is a fun new "mess" to contend with on the shelves!
We have yet to settle on a name for him, so he's presently called a different name by each child, ha!

 And here's what I love most- gathering together as a family for FUN!  (Pardon the skivvies, ha ha)
I may not be the best decorator out there, but this room feels like home to us!

In the interest of full disclosure and all that...
Keeping it real!  :)
Most of my sewing supplies end up here because I get tired of lugging the stuff back and forth from upstairs!
I'm looking forward to getting some great ideas from everyone!  Click here to take a look!

Blessings to you & have a great weekend!


Liz@ 4 GUYS & A DOLL said...

saw three sons plus 1 girly girl listed at Kelly's Korner and had to drop by....I'm 4 sons plus 1....:)...your living rooms is very pretty! I'll bet you have as much trouble keeping it in order as I do with all those boys running around!

Heather said...

I love your living room. It's so inviting and the colors are so warm and lovely!! Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Very Pretty! I love looking at other people's houses too :) Also, I love the area behind your couch!

Melissa Miller said...

How beautful is your living room!

Your new kitty is adorable as well as your precious family.

Bethany it's nice to meet you!
Warmly, ~Melissa :)

Mary Vigil said...

I love your living room - I love that it is home to you and I can just hear the laughter coming from those precious kids... Blessings! Mary

Annie said...

Your living is pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Foursons said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for showing some of your messes too. I was feeling like a slob and was embarrassed for a while.

So glad you stopped by my blog!

kelsey said...

Awww...your kitty is precious. And so are your kids -- what a beautiful family you have!

I love your "keeping it real" pics! Haha! Glad I'm not the only one. :)

Thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely home. I especially enjoyed reading about your handmade items...that's the very best kind of decor if you ask me!

Nice to "meet" you!


Shelby said...

I love the green!! Love the curtains!! Great job. :0

Alison @ Welcome Sunshine Home said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It's always fun to hear from a fellow New Englander.

Loved your keeping it real photos. My stuff is usually piled on tabletops to keep them dog slobber free.

You're new kitty is a ringer for a cat named Bubba that I had in college. :)


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