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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another {Happy} Whirlwind of a Day

I just can't seem to catch up!  Or at least, stay caught up!  I began this post last week, so some of the details are a  That's okay, the sentiment is the same.

This was a very big week for us- a new Bible study for me, which means a fun play group for Isabelle Katie; and....the very first day of preschool!  Wow!  And I'm feeling a bit more "settled in" with our routines, so that right there puts a big ol' smile on my face.  I think this is going to be a great year for our family!

I'm going to want to remember these days, so I'm going to post chronologically, as if I were keeping track in my appointment book.  Here goes! (rather, went- this was Monday...well, LAST Monday, ha!)
  • 4:38 am- I know the alarm is ready to sound in just a few minutes, so I turn it off and linger with my thoughts and prayers for a few moments before starting the day.
  • See Bill off to work and check email and/or work on the novel for a while
  • 5:30ish- Already fretting in my head about Isabelle's first day of school outfit, again, while assembling lunch boxes; then sweep and mop the kitchen, hallway, and half bath floors 
  • 6:00- Shower, think about shaving but don't really feel like it (it was cold enough for pants, whew!); make bed, gather more laundry to be done (7 loads in total that day)
  • 6:25- First round of wake-ups (J), but he looks so cute sleeping on Teddy, who is supposed to be beside the bed now because I fear he has reached Level 4 Bio-hazard status and I cringe when I think of Jonah inhaling that stuff for hours on end...but my heart melts and I give him another few minutes to rest with his reliable old pal.
  •  6:40- Jonah has been lured to the kitchen with the announcement of homemade egg McMuffins and Dinosaur Teeth (carved triangles in melons, to get the boys to eat them when they were small); Caleb is rising, making his bed, getting dressed, and will be down to take his seat for breakfast in about 3 1/2 minutes.
I love that they still love (and request) Dinosaur Teeth cantaloupes!
    •  Morning progresses...teeth brushed, lunches handed out, hugs given...J leaves, twenty minutes later it's raining again, and Caleb wants me to walk him down, so off we go; I hear Isabelle upstairs but know she will be fine for a couple minutes.
    • I return home and hear Isabelle giggling with Ethan, who is now just getting up; more breakfast, dishes cleared and cleaned, cats fed, a few more minutes of blog-stalking -checking, then Ethan is off with lunch and hugs; now it's just Isabelle and Mama for the next several hours.

      I told Isabelle she is such a big girl now, she can try to sit at the counter like the boys do~
      I don't know why she made that face, silly girl!
      • We sort laundry and get started with one load, two loads, three then four, all the while, removing summer shirts and things from drawers and putting them in the storage bins, still contemplating preschool outfits (why all the fuss, I wonder, but fuss I do!), grabbing the Disney compilation CD so we can dance while we work; major hissy fit ensues when I'm commanded to get down "dance class pretties" - we don't command Mama to do anything, thank you very much...but Mama does give multiple chances to ask the right way, and after only four tries (sigh), Isabelle is now flitting around in her tutus and tights.  Happiness.
      • Laundry takes a while (the last load was finishing up when the first two came home from school!), the cold rain kept us inside, so we played and worked all morning long- someone fixing things in her kitchen while I tackled the Big One; then off to clean the bathrooms and dust and vacuum- FUN!
       We were trying out the first day of school ensemble- or half of it anyway!  So glad I went with the argyle socks!
      • Many days we enjoy a picnic lunch and a long walk through the neighborhood, but not today with the rain.  Isabelle isn't as thrilled about these walks anymore because she'd rather be walking too, and I make her sit in the jogger- no fun!  (If she's cooperating, she gets to eat an apple or something and walk for a while before being sent to confinement!)  Even if she isn't happy at first, she comes around and enjoys looking out for squirrels and birds.
      Sometimes this happens on our walks, ha!
      • More play time, tidying up, sorting and folding...and naptime!  This is when I try to remember to spend a few minutes being quiet, spending time with God, but I have to be honest and admit that this is so hard for me!  I am not disciplined in this area like I used to be, and I've noticed what an (negative) impact it has on my life.  There are so many other things I feel like I should be doing, and even more, that I want to be doing.  Even typing that out hurts my heart and fills me with grief- why wouldn't I want to spend my time with the One who has given me life, given me everything?  I'm trying, but it's still a struggle.  This new Bible study is going to help a lot!  Though now that Isabelle doesn't nap every day, and school is 2 afternoons each week, I may have to rethink when I do my Bible Study work.
      • Before I know it, I'm back in the kitchen making snacks- graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate chips- for Jonah and Caleb, who will be returning him in a few minutes; then Isabelle will be up; Ethan isn't home until 4 this year (though he's loving the later mornings)!
      • There is much "refereeing" after school, homework duty, dinner prep, and all that.  By now most of the laundry is neatly stacked in distinct piles- if I weren't so...I'll call myself orderly rather than anal, though you can decide for yourself, ha!...then I'd make it easier on myself and have the kids put away their own things, but this actually stresses me more than simply doing it myself.  I don't mind; one day I won't have this "job," and I'll miss it.
      • Big snack for Ethan, who is on his way to soccer by 4:20 (it's a good thing he is so wonderful about time management and completes most of his homework at school during homeroom time!); Jonah starts dinner early and leaves for soccer at 5:20; whichever parent is here eats with Isabelle and Caleb, and with Ethan later.  Whew!  Are you tired yet?  :)
      • Showers, stories, snuggles, prayers and goodnight kisses begin around 7 pm.  Most nights the younger three are in bed around 7:45; Ethan gets to linger a while and often heads up around 8:15 to read for a few minutes.  I know this might seem early to lots of people, but it works for us and keeps us {relatively}sane.  Plus, it's the only time I get to talk to Bill without interruption!
       And then on Tuesday we had the completely unexpected surprise of bringing home the sweetest little kitty!  I brought him to school to meet up with Caleb and Jonah, then off to preschool to show Isabelle.  I think that day might go down as one of the best coming-home-from-school days EVER!  He makes our days so much more fun!

      Caleb sees something...

      He's running onto Jonah's bus (from the other school) to call him off for the surprise!

      Isabelle was SO excited!!!

      Love his expression here!

      And now he (finally) has a name...Luke
      Isn't he sweet!?!

      I hope one day I'll look back on this post and be able to remember all the details of our life so clearly.  And I'll be so glad I captured as much of it as I could!

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        Marcia said...

        It's amazing what we do in a day. And there STILL isn't time enough for it all.

        I'm stuck on the part about you having a conversation with Bill at night. Envious really. :)

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