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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soccer Stars, Apple Pickers, Special Friends & Equinox Magic

I love the fall!
There are so many wonderful things to get outside and enjoy as a family...and it's nice not to be sweating for a change!
Of course we're currently having unseasonably warm temps again, but we're still having a great time!

Here's Jonah, #47, and he was ON FIRE!  We are so proud of him for persevering and trying his very best, and he is really, really good!  Last year, Jonah burst into tears at the exact moment I went to the athletic office to sign him up for soccer- he wasn't ready, poor thing, and he couldn't handle the pressure.  So, so proud of this boy!

Waiting for some action...

I had Isabelle Kate with me (Bill was with Ethan on the other side of town for his game- hate it when I have to miss a game!), and we'd gotten there early for warm-up, so we enjoyed the park.  But she really wanted to be on the field playing with the boys, ha!  We'll sign her up for soccer next year for sure.  

My super speedy girl

We met up at home after the games and had lunch.  I was surprised to find one of Ethan's teammates and friends at our house- they gave me a play by play of what I'd missed (they had a great game too!).  We ended up with 5 kiddos around the table at lunchtime.  It was fun!  I like getting to know my children's friends.  They played for a long time afterwards, and then it was off to the orchard.

All ready for the tractor ride

How cute is this???

I think I'm a bit obsessed with photos like these- I can't believe those are my boys!  Those guys look so big- how can they be my little boys?
I love how they usually end up wandering ahead together like that, and in Ranks- E, J, then C

We'd just finished eating cider doughnuts- so, so good!- and I looked over at this
There was a quartet playing some jamboree-type songs.  It was great!

And of course we've been enjoying little Luke.  He's never far from one of the kiddos.  Such a sweet kitty!

Sneaks and Luke have already forged a friendship

Now it's Caleb's turn!  Last night was his first official game (scrimmage), and he and his team were sooooo excited!  They are hysterically funny to watch!  I just love it!

Caleb scored 2 goals!
I'm glad I got to see one; I had to bring Ethan to youth group- have I written about my involvement with the high schoolers?  Maybe not, but I don't have time....later!


I brought all three kitties to the vets yesterday- oh my word, was that an adventure and a half!!  I'll share that later, too, but for now I wanted to show off my cool magic....
Look at that!

I got 4 to stand upright last night around 11:15.  SO COOL!


Anonymous said...

Looks like perfect fall activities!! Makes me miss fall soccer season :)

Marcia said...

We are playing the soccer shuffle too. Always have games at about the same time at opposite ends of town. It's tough, but I am learning the benefits of becoming friends with the other Moms! I couldn't do it without them. I'm glad that Luke is fitting in nicely. Where did you apple pick? We've certainly had great weather for it the past few weekends.

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